Which Action Is Legal When Towing a Person on Water Skis
Dec 12 2022

(2) In addition to the operator of the vessel, a person who is at least 12 years of age shall be present to observe the actions of the person being towed. (c) Where towing is planned, the following conditions shall apply: 4. No towed person shall commit any act that endangers or is likely to endanger a person or damage property. If you are using a personal watercraft to pull someone on water skis, surfboards or similar equipment, there must be a competent observer on board next to the operator or the personal watercraft must be equipped with a wide-angle rear-view mirror to observe the skier being towed. The capacity of the personal watercraft must be at least equal to the number of persons operating, observing and being towed. If you are using a vessel other than a personal watercraft to pull someone on water skis, surfboards, or similar equipment, a competent observer must be on board, or the boat must be equipped with a wide-angle mirror to observe the towed skier, or the person being towed is wearing an appropriate USCG-approved PFD. The tug shall have space within its maximum capacity for all persons towed behind the vessel. 6. No person shall operate a motorized vessel equipped with a tow rope of 20 feet or less when towing a person. – Liability for injury or death of non-participants caused by water skiing, 67 A.L.R.3d 1218.

(a) Towing a person by a ship shall be permitted only in designated waters and under conditions specified by the Superintendent in accordance with ยงยง 1.5 and 1.7 of this chapter. (3) A towed person shall be equipped with a IFV I, II, III or V Type I, II, III or V approved by the U.S. Coast Guard. (b) The towing of a person by parachute, hang glider or other airborne equipment is authorized only in accordance with an authorization granted by the Superintendent under subsection 1.6 of this chapter. Anyone pulled behind a boat during an activity such as water skiing must wear a Type I, II, III or V PFD approved by the USCG and properly customized. 5. The operation of a ship which is unable to identify the person or persons to be carried, towed alongside the operator and observer, shall be prohibited. Personal watercraft must not be operated between sunset and sunrise – The personal watercraft cannot be operated by persons under 14 years of age (1) Towing is only permitted between sunrise and sunset.