Where Is It Legal to Kill a Welshman with a Bow and Arrow
Dec 12 2022

5. It`s illegal to mark a London taxi if you have the plague. Take the metro instead. 1. If you`re pregnant (and a woman) in the UK, you can legally relieve yourself wherever you want, even with a police helmet, we`re told. This is complete nonsense – an urban legend. They would be charged with the offence. 8. It is illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament – apparently because otherwise they would be eligible for a state funeral, which is somewhat costly for the authorities. 8. A law now outdated, but in the 19th century it was illegal for women to eat chocolate on public transport. This is perhaps a bit unfair as the town hall was designed in 1864 by Belfast architect W.

H. Lynn and the clock was not installed until 1980. In addition, the Cloth Hall in Ypres (built in 1260, built in the 1st century). Destroyed during World War II and rebuilt in 1934), on which rests the town hall, a single clock face on three sides of the tower. The link between the Cloth Market and Chester is the Irish linen trade – once an important source of income for Chester and allegedly cleverly evoked by Lynn, although Lynn seems to have overlooked the fact that the cloth in Ypres was wool and the linen trade in Chester was dead. So the “fault” here really lies with the Belgians. However, Ms. Russell answered 9. Conversely, however, an unrepealed law from 1313 makes it illegal to wear armor when entering the Houses of Parliament – which certainly makes death more likely. The saying goes that it is perfectly legal to shoot a Welshman with a longbow within the city walls of Chester after midnight. 10.

For this reason, it is technically acceptable in Chester to shoot a Welshman with a crossbow after midnight on Sunday, as long as it is inside the city walls. One for the street – did you know it`s illegal to hit or shake a carpet on a street before 8 a.m. – or to keep a pigsty outside your home? And you can get away with the coup if you are later democratically elected. Your phone number will not be shared with other members of the group. 1. According to an old law, it is legal to kill a Welshman in Hereford, but only in the cathedral on a Sunday with a bow exactly 12 meters long. It entertains us, provides us with knowledge and helps us understand topics of enduring importance. But how important is literature in today`s rapidly changing and increasingly digitized society? In the UK, a pregnant woman can legally relieve herself wherever she wants – even, if she wishes, with a police helmet. It is therefore clear that the people of Chester did not want this law and that it was a law intended to prevent the Cestrians from uniting with the Welsh against an oppressive English king who had his own reasons for not liking the Welsh and the people of Chester. In London, it is illegal to call a taxi if you have plague 3. This may explain why it is still technically acceptable to shoot a Welshman inside the city walls on a Sunday – as long as it is past midnight and with a crossbow. Read more If you are attacked by a criminal or burglar, you can only protect yourself with the same weapon as the other person.

Next 7. It`s also illegal to scribble on a banknote or disfigure the queen`s face, so put this pen away. Aw fuck. What am I doing with my gun now?! Some say that in Liverpool it is illegal for a woman to be topless in public, except as an employee in a tropical fish shop. So, who wants to be a millionaire? If you do, don`t beat your life with this kind of nonsense. Adam Rickitt (former Coronation Street star) said that if elected as Chester Conservative MP, he would seek to abolish “the old law allowing the people of Chester to kill Welsh visitors at night”. He is quoted as saying: “There are two archaic laws – which are undoubtedly outdated – which supposedly say that if you catch a Welshman inside the city walls after midnight, you can hang him and shoot a Welshman with a long arc of the walls.” Adam (who confessed that he was “not 100% in detail”) seems to have added the longbow and string to the crossbow and axe. However, the Conservatives said they had a plan to improve the city walls, and that may be the case. Soon after, the “Welsh shooting” law appeared for the first time. In the weeks following the Battle of Shrewsbury, the uncertainty of the new dynasty and some of the city`s authorities (some of whom had sided with the king in the battle) was evident in the instructions of Prince Henry – then Earl of Chester – (later Henry V) in response to further defections in North Wales.

4. In September 1403 he wrote to the mayor, sheriffs, and aldermen of the town of Chester, who were obliged to impose a curfew on all Welsh who visited Chester, and to ensure that they left their weapons at the gates of the town and did not assemble in groups of more than three; All Welsh residents were evicted and all those who spent the night were threatened with execution. Apparently, the actual wording was: A spokesman for the Legal Affairs Committee said: “It is illegal to shoot a Welshman or a Scot on any day, place or choice of weapons.” If you`re about to leave the arrows from the door in your hand, we`re worried we`ll have to stop you – because that`s completely wrong. 4. If a whale is found on the British coast, the king can claim the head and the queen has a legal right to the tail – just in case she needs new bones for her corset. If you`re feeling inspired to learn, but don`t know where to start, we`ve compiled a list of 20 useful things everyone should learn. 1. It is illegal to die in the home of Parliament. Under the UK`s Tax Avoidance Schemes Regulations 2006, it is illegal not to tell the tax officer something you don`t want them to know, even if you have nothing to say to them that doesn`t bother you. Another curious law that is still in practice – and can be a shock – is that it is illegal to be drunk in a licensed establishment.

11. Under the Salmon Act 1986, it is illegal in the United Kingdom to handle salmon under suspicious circumstances, i.e. not to smuggle in a coat bag. Regular readers may be familiar with the format. Here are 30 facts. I believe 29 of them are true. One of them came straight from my distorted imagination. In previous competitions, we had giraffe droppings from the Mawson Peninsula in Antarctica; the Bulgarian president, who spent a number of centuries in public school cricket; and the legitimate king of Venezuela, who worked in a butcher shop in Yeovil. One of these “facts” below is a similar Whopper.

* which may actually be urban myths, but we don`t have time to go through the old law books. Haven`t you seen how big they are? If you have a legal problem, you should consult a qualified lawyer There`s the story of an old woman who has been circulating in Chester for centuries – and as bizarre as she is, you probably know her. There is no doubt that the debate will continue both in the House of Commons and elsewhere. The spokesperson explained where the idea probably came from. Henry Percy formed an alliance with the Welsh “rebel” Owain Glyndŵr. But before they could unite, Hotspur was killed at the Battle of Shrewsbury (it`s never a good idea to look up for a breath of fresh air in a hail of arrows). In the same battle, Prince Henry (later Henry V) was nearly killed by an arrow planted in his face. An ordinary soldier may have died of such a wound, but Henry had the advantage of the best possible care.

Over a period of several days, John Bradmore, the royal physician, treated the wound with honey to act as an antiseptic, made a tool to screw into the broken boom rod and thus extract the arrow without causing further damage, and then rinsed the wound with alcohol. The operation was successful, but it left permanent scars.