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5 Signs of a Good Performing Stock

Introduction An investor always takes risks. The yield of fortune is correlated with the magnitude of risk. When you are investing in a stock, there are a lot of variables that have to be considered. An investor can mitigate the proportion of risk by investing in a stock that is or will have a good[…]

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Dec 20 2020

What is the IPO Application Process in Bangladesh?

Initial Public Offering is the process of entering into the share market for different organizations. When investors want to invest their money in these new shares, they have to go through the IPO application process. By completing the process, they will be able to apply for the IPO. And if fortune is in their favour,[…]

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How to Become a Trader in Dhaka Stock Exchange?

Becoming a trader in Dhaka Stock Exchange will give you additional room for making the most of your money. There are many organizations that are operating in the share market with very high potential. Investing your money on these shares can give you a good return on your idle money. If you are wondering how[…]

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5 Signs of Best Trading Platform

Trading can be done by anyone and everyone, but there is a difference between trading and effective trading. In a country like Bangladesh, the majority of the traders in the stock market are individuals. Hence, there is a massive need of more financial literacy among the traders. This is why it is important to understand[…]

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How to Find the Best Stock Broker in Bangladesh

Starting a journey as an investor comes with taking many steps. Specifically, if you want to start trading in the stock market of Bangladesh, it comes with some prerequisites. The very first step of becoming an official trader is opening a┬áBO account. To open a BO account, you have to be under the banner of[…]

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