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Stock Market Monthly Review: November
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Stock Market Monthly Review: November

A smooth sea never made an expert sailor. Ups and downs are part and parcel of our lives and we have to get along with it. From the stock market monthly review, we can see the month of November also had ups and downs for the stock market. Apart from the good news, there were few bad ones too. The blend of good and bad experience in the stock market of Bangladesh is not an uncommon issue.

In this article, we will review how the month of November went for the entire stock market of Bangladesh. The stock market monthly review will discuss the recent updates, the growth, new IPO, regulations & its aftermath, and prediction of the coming days. Along with that, we will highlight key updates of Royal Capital that occurred during the month of November as well. From the stock market situation of November, we will be able to get idea how the market is performing after the pandemic situation. Also how it is possibly to turn around in the long run. Without much delay, let’s have a look at how the month ended for the stock market in Bangladesh.

New and Upcoming IPO:

In recent times, we could see a significant rise in good renowned brands coming to the stock market with their IPO. Robi, Walton and upcoming Energy Pac are just to name a few. The increase of new well-known brands in the stock market is a very positive indicator. It boosts the morale of the existing investors. The trust of the existing investors increases when new brands come to the stock market. Along with that, previous trends suggest that entry of new organizations in the stock market will increase the number of new investors as well. Big brands enter the market and bring new investors due to their mighty brand presence.

Through the last few months, the number of new entries to the stock market increased. It also brought in new investors. Along with that, entry of new companies creates a ripple effect among the other similar companies. For example, as two big telecommunication giant Grameenphone and Robi is locking horns in the market, the day is not very far that other telecommunication giants will also join the market as well. So it also increases the likelihood of similar brands getting involved in the stock market.

The increase of new companies in the stock market is a positive trend. If the numbers of good and renowned brands keep increasing, then it will generate a good result for the stock market of Bangladesh in the foreseeable future.

Sectors that Soared:

If we look at the overall performance of the stock market for November, we can see that few sectors performed extremely well compared to the rest. For example: the general insurance sector, mutual fund and information technology companies left a positive dent in the overall performance of the market.

The volume of trade increased in these sectors and it indicates it will keep on growing in the future as well. Due to the pandemic, there was not stable progress in any industries. However, the growing trend in these sectors is a beacon of hope that we can count on. We can believe that gradually these sectors will escalate in performance and bring necessary value along with it.

Insurance Sector

The performance of the insurance sector in the stock market was praiseworthy. If we look at the overall trend of the insurance sector we can see that it had an upward trend in the stock market. The performance started slow but gradually picked up the gear and generated a good outcome.

Mutual Fund

Mutual fund sector started slow and propelled upwards during the first 15 days of the month. After that, the growth went downward but they maintained a steady growth without having much up and down. This indicates to the stable situation in the mutual fund sector to be specific. Seeing the trend, the mutual fund sector can keep consistency in their performance in the coming month as well.

Information Technology

The IT sector performance of the stock exchange was quite dramatic. They started well and gradually went downward during the 2nd week of the month. However, they were able to get back on track with time and generated a good response at the end of the month. They grew so much that they surpassed the performance they had at the very beginning of the month.

These are the sectors that performed in an impeccable manner during November.

SEC and Kaizen

The Japanese term Kaizen stands for continuous improvement. The reason we are aligning Kaizen and SEC together is that due to some rules, regulations and practices of the Security and Exchange Commission, the stock market was able to harness benefit from the process. The measures Security and Exchange Commission has taken over the last few months had a positive impact on the overall stock market of the organization. The recently formed commission is doing its level best to benefit the stakeholders of the stock market. Slowly but surely, their plans and implementation are reaping a good harvest.

The focus on the institutional development of Security and Exchange Commission is praiseworthy. They have undertaken measures that can generate a good amount of positive impact on the stock market. However, development is a consistent and continuous process. As a result, they will have to keep on knocking on the right door and bring value to the market. During the month of November, we could see a breeze of new hope due to the measures undertaken by the Security and Exchange Commission. The increase of the index is a key indicator of the process.

These are the updates and reviews for the month of November. It shows the extent of development that took place during the last month in the stock market of Bangladesh.

Updates from Royal Capital

We from Royal Capital always take the initiative to generate a positive outcome for the overall development of our clientele. Every month we try to implement new actions that will increase the overall quality of our service. We try to build new infrastructure, bring additional value to the clients as well as resources of Royal Capital Limited. In the following, we will shed light on the recent updates and achievements of Royal Capital Limited.

Training and Development

From Royal Capital Limited, we took the initiative to train up new clients to increase their financial literacy. This initiative was important because the new clients needed to have an understanding of the process and the best practices. The training was titled “Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis and Behavioral Analysis & How to use RCl Services”. It shed light on the fundamental analysis of the stock market to give the new clients adequate knowledge about the stock market and trading. Besides, the training also discussed the behavioral practices to keep the new clients updated about the continually changing market.

The online training had different training modules, courses and learning material to embed the learning among the new clients fully.

Open Discussion with Clients

As there are a lot of questions in the mind of the clients, it is important to address these questions. By attending to these questions, it is possible to increase the overall knowledge base of the clients. Keeping that in mind, from Royal Capital Limited we arranged “বর্তমান শেয়ারে বাজার এবং আপনার জিজ্ঞাসা”. Here, the clients asked the questions they had about the market and got a response from our panel of experts. These initiatives are part of the regular activities that are undertaken by Royal Capital Limited to increase the capacity of the clients. With a belief in holistic development, we look forward to expanding the knowledge base of our clients continuously.

These are the overall review and updates that took place in November in the stock market. Keeping an eye on the trend will give us the insight to take better decisions in the coming month.

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