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Share Market Investment Guide for 2021
By admin

Share Market Investment Guide for 2021

The share market is very dynamic. To be successful, it is essential to follow some ground rules. These will ensure your journey as an investor is smooth and less risky. In the following article, we will shed light on the share market investment guide for 2021. By following the investment guide, you will be able to have a basic understanding of the market and how you can approach the market. Without delay, let’s have a look at the share market investment guide for 2021.

  1. Research the market

Market research is one of the most important parts of investing in the share market. If you’re looking for the best share market investment guide for 2021, this is a very crucial step for every beginner. You have to do proper research about the market. It is essential to understand how the market works. Even though it might sound like that the share market is all about facts and figures, you must also do proper research before entering the market. The share market is very much dependent on the performance of the companies and the state that the industries are in.

The share market is affected by many factors that should be properly studied before entering the market, or else you will face a great loss. Just like before every exam, you must properly study that subject. The same goes for the share market because you have to do your study and then decide to invest in it.

  1. Research the industries

Now that you have understood how the market works and you’re ready to invest your money it is very important to do your research about the industry. For example, you are fascinated by technology and you are planning to invest your money in an IT company that is brand new. The uniqueness of the company is they are offering a unique value in the market that no one else is offering. Knowing industry trends will allow you to make better decisions.

You might not just invest because it is a new company but the fact that they are providing a futuristic service makes them a promising company to invest in. Since they are brand new and slowly starting to rise and gain fame you invested in them and you will get the benefit of it. Thus it is important to know the industry before you start investing in the share market.

  1. Plan Before Investment

Now you have done your research about the market and also the industry. You are ready with capital but you don’t know where to start. planning before investing in shares is an essential part of the share market investment guide. you must plan if you are willing to invest your money in IPOs or the secondary market. You also need to decide which broker you’re going with and you also have to create a step-by-step plan for investment. It is said that creating a plan is like getting your half of your work done and the share market is no exception.

For example, if you are planning a step based on the current market situation you also must have a plan B. For example, you are about to invest 60% of your money in the secondary market but you’re uncertain about the profitability of the investment that is why keep a second plan that you are going to invest 40% of your capital in IPOs as this will work as a backup plan for your investment. That is why you must always plan before investing.

  1. Find a Good Broker

A good broker is like your partner in a share market. A broker works as your agent and will always update you about the market and the next best deal. What is in there for them? Well if you were making money they would like to have a small amount of it. That is why it is really important to choose a good broker. For example, Royal capital is a very renowned brokerage company. They help you to open a BO account, apply for IPOs and update you about the upcoming companies and market trends. If you fail to choose an ideal broker that suits you your whole share market journey will be treacherous and you will not only lose your valuable time but also money.

  1. Keep an eye on good IPOs

IPO is a very lucrative and attractive section of the share market. Many people eagerly wait for big IPOs as they tend to offer great rewards in the form of revenues. but not all IPOs are profitable. That’s because the system existing in Bangladesh is based on a lottery and you do not only need capital but also luck which creates this uncertainty. And that is why you also need a bit of luck. But excluding that matter, to invest in IPOs you also must study that company and their records and analyze their current performance before investing in one. You must keep in mind that it is not possible to buy all the IPOs in the market that is why you must have to select the best one over the most profitable one for you. for that you have to keep an eye on good IPOs.

  1. Understand Market Trends

Now that you have officially entered the market you’re ready with your capital you are investing in shares and you are starting to get the hang of it. But start hearing rumors about another company that is more profitable than your last one. You are currently in a position of confusion if you want to invest in that or you want to hold onto your money. That is why you must understand the market trends. You must understand where the market is heading when the price of shares is usually high and when the prices are falling after a certain period of rising. These measures might sound very easy but you must understand these because you might end up reacting to a hoax that will cause great loss. Because of this understanding, the market trends are one of the most vital parts of the share market investment guide for 2021.

  1. Stay Updated with Market News

Unfamiliar with the market, but beginning to grasp the way it is going, you hear some news that has been inserted into the market. You can end up with only one company in your portfolio, despite neglecting to stay informed about market news.

For example, in an imaginary scenario, the current market status is deteriorating every day. The market index is falling and is going to fall even more. This news has been released from a very trusted source but you forgot to keep yourself well known about market news. That’s why all the other shareholders are selling their shares with a minimum amount of profit or holding them waiting for the storm to be over. But you didn’t hear the news and panicked and sold your shares.

  1. Do Not Take Hasty Decisions

Now, this is the golden rule of investing in the share market. Share market is not for the weak-hearted, it is for those people who love to take risks and calculate every step they take. It is not possible to predict the future that is why you can only presume or forecast the future of your stock. Situations might get tough for example you invested in a company that many people proclaimed would fall eventually, and since now they are going to the down phase you broke up and now you’re thinking of selling the stocks without giving a second thought. After selling the stocks to minimize your loss you see that the price of the stocks is increasing rapidly. Only those people who stayed and believed in their forecasting are the most successful ones.

That is why you shouldn’t take hasty decisions. and that is why you shouldn’t take decisions. now the situation will always not be like this. it could be based on price; it could be based on a rumor for worse it could be a lie. you should always learn to stick with your decisions and have believed in yourself. you will hear many kinds of information from brokers from people around you but you must always follow your plan and make your own decisions. This is one of the key tips of the share market investment guide.


Now from the article, we can learn a few share market investment guide tips that will help any beginner to understand the market and take proper steps before and after investment. Share market is something that works on luck. You might need a bit of luck but the share market is fully based on the company’s performance, the economy, and your forecasting skills. you must have nerves of steel and great determination and most importantly you must learn to believe in yourself. If you are intereseted to invest in stock market dont forget to have a look at our website.

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