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Royal Capital Portal – Securities Page
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Royal Capital Portal – Securities Page

This page of the Royal Capital Portal displays the trade information of listed securities of the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE). Hence, the source of this data is DSE. On this page, the live information regarding the listed securities (bond, mutual fund, equity, etc.) of all the listed companies is presented in a tabular format. The first column shows the respective trade code of the securities.

Royal Capital Portal Securities Page Home Page

Then comes the industry column that indicates the respective industry the security belongs to.

Royal Capital Portal Securities Page - Industry SelectionIn the in-category column, the category in which the security is assigned is displayed. There are five categories: A, B, N, G, and Z.

Royal Capital Portal Securities Page - Category Selection

The following columns represent the price information just as they are shown on the DSE’s website. Alongside this information, the RCL portal exhibits the P/E ratio of each security. The columns 52 W-Low and 52 W-High represent the lowest price and highest price within 52 weeks (a year). The next column is Free Float Share or FFShares. All the securities of the market are divided into five broad categories. These are sponsor/director, government, institute, foreign, and public. When the sponsor/director and Government want to buy or sell any share, they have to send a 30-day notice, called an intention letter, to the authorities before buying or selling any share. The rest, institute, foreign and public don’t have to send any notice for buying and selling any share. These three categories are called free float share. These shares can be bought and sold at any time during trading hours. The number of these free float shares is shown in the FFShares (Free Float Shares) column and the percentage is shown in the following column. The last column shows market capitalization. One can find out the market capitalization by multiplying the total number of shares with the last trading price.

Similar to the IPO data page, all the data on this page can be sorted according to the user’s requirement using the arrow buttons next to the columns. Also, there is a show entries box that allows the user to observe as many entries at a time. There are two additional search boxes other than the usual search box. One allows the user to select a particular industry and observe the securities prevailing in that industry. The other one allows the user to see securities based on their assigned category.  For example, by selecting banking security a user can see all the securities of the banking industry and by selecting A category he will be able to observe all the category securities on this page. The usual search box allows the user to look for any particular company’s securities.

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