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Royal Capital Portal – Sector Page
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Royal Capital Portal – Sector Page

Sectors page of the Royal Capital Portal displays the fundamental, technical, and trade information of each sector and all its industries.

Royal Capital Portal - Sector Page Overview

To observe this information, one has to select a sector and a particular industry under that sector at the very beginning from the drop-down menu of this page.

After the selection, the page displays the data in a tabular format. For example, if the user selects the energy sector and fuel & power industry of this sector, the user can see the fundamental, technical, and trade information of the 23 listed securities of this industry.

Royal Capital Portal - Sector Page - Final Output

The first seven columns operating profit (OP), net profit (NP), shareholder’s equity (SE), total asset (TA), earnings per share (EPS), net assets value per share (NAVPS), and net operating cash flow per share (NOCFPS) are in absolute format. The columns which values are in relative format have a percent sign next to their names. The holding period return refers to the return that would have occurred if the security were bought exactly a year ago and had been held up to this date. It is the comparison between today’s price and the price that occurred exactly a year ago. The risk column and return column refer to the risk-return comparison that is shown on the synopsis page. The price column and price% column refer to the change in today’s price and its percentage. The PE column brings back the PE ratio from the securities page. The last column shows the market capitalization of each security. The information of the first seven columns is brought back from the financial statements of the company, the next seven are from ratios and the rest are from the securities page.

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