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Royal Capital Portal – Price Data
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Royal Capital Portal – Price Data

The Price Data page of the Royal Capital portal is in the menu bar on the right corner of the portal’s homepage.

Royal Capital Portal - Price Data Page Overview

This widget does not show live data. All the data available in this widget are updated at the day’s end. Therefore, if you search for the latest information on this widget, it will show the previous day’s info.  There are two types of users of this widget. One user, the basic users, uses this widget to observe the trade data of the last three years. These trade data are collected from the DSE’s official website. The other user is the AmiBroker, who makes technical analysis of the daily trade information when the trading hour ends. Amibroker does not need all the information available on the DSE’s website. They only require trade code, opening price, highest price, lowest price, closing price, and volume.

Royal Capital Portal - Price Data Download Option


The Amibrokers or the technical analysts need this information in the CSV format for using it in the Amibroker software. The data provided in the portal is unadjusted. The technical analysts adjust this unadjusted data as per their requirements. Both users can download the data that they have acquired from their search in the portal. But to download, all users must register themselves first.

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