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Royal Capital Portal – Industry
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Royal Capital Portal – Industry

On the Industry page of the Royal Capital Portal, there are two tabs, industry market cap, and industry P/E. The presentation of this page is similar to the DSE page. All the information available is displayed in a tabular format. The source of the data prevailing on this page is DSE monthly review. The information is sorted in a month-to-month order. All the industries except debenture and treasury have been covered here.

Royal Capital Portal - Industry Page - Industry Market Capital

The industry market cap tab shows the latest market capitalization and the market share which is presented in the month-to-month percentage of it. The percentage is shown side by side to the latest market capitalization for the user’s better understanding of the trend. The change to these percentages is very gradual. This tab represents the information of the industries that are active in trade with their market, the latest month’s capitalization, and the relative percentage of the market share of the previous five months. Like the other pages, there is a search box for the users to look for a particular industry.

Royal Capital Portal - Industry Page -Industry Price to earings ratio

The industry P/E tab displays the latest five months P/E ratio of all the 19 industries and DSE market P/E. The trend column shows the trend of the ratio of for each industry with their average. The user can search for any particular P/E ratio of any industry using the search box above.

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