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Royal Capital Portal – Economic Data
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Royal Capital Portal – Economic Data

The link to the Economic Data page is also placed in the Royal Capital portal‘s menu bar. The presentation of this page is similar to the DSE page. This page has three tabs: snapshot, charts, and useful links.

Royal Capital Portal - Economic Data Page - Snapshot
The snapshot tab gives a snapshot view of the economy of Bangladesh. The source of these data is DSE monthly review. Hence, it is updated monthly. All the data available in this tab are interim data, which means all these data are the latest updated versions. This tab displays the economic indicators and their previous five years’ values. The end column, trend, shows the trend of these indicators over the years alongside their average. There is a search box at the top of the page that is similar to the DSE page. It allows the users to search for any particular data stored in this tab.

Royal Capital Portal - Economic Data Page - Charts
The second tab, chart, display bar charts and line charts of some of the economic indicators. This gives the user a more graphic representation of the condition of the economic indicators. There are seven charts: export, import, remittance, foreign exchange reserve, GDP growth rate, DSE market cap to GDP, and inflation rate. For the user’s convenience, these charts can be expanded for a better view.

Royal Capital Portal - Economic Data Page - Useful Links
In the useful links tab, there are some links to sites that are frequently visited by capital market users. There are some foreign sites alongside some local sites.

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