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Royal Capital Portal – DSE
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Royal Capital Portal – DSE

DSE page of the Royal Capital Portal shows the data collected from the DSE monthly review. The link to this page is located in the portal’s menu in the right corner. There are two tabs on the page. One is DSE YoY whereas the other is DSE MoM.

Royal Capital Portal - DSE page overview

DSE YoY displays the information in a fiscal year, stored in the year format. It is a yearly overview of the DSE market. It displays information of previous four years as shown in the first column named particulars. The YTD column shows the latest information starting from the year’s beginning to the last disclosure of the market. All this data is updated on monthly basis. The trend column accumulates the previous four years’ information and shows the trend and average of those data. There is a search box located at the top of the page. If the user types in the keywords of his required information then he can instantly find that information from that tab.

Royal Capital Portal - DSE month to month page overview

The DSE MoM tab is almost the same, only it shows the monthly representation of the DSE market. Here, instead of the last four years, it shows the latest five month’s disclosure of the DSE market. The trend column shows the trend of all this information and their average. Just as DSE YoY, there is a search box for the user to look for a piece of information more efficiently.

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