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Royal Capital Portal – Company Page
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Royal Capital Portal – Company Page

In the Royal Capital Portal, one can look for a particular company’s data or any particular security in three ways. Firstly, one can directly browse for that data using the search box on the home page of the portal. Then, one can find that data by clicking on the trade code of the particular company or security. Lastly, one can search for it in the search box on the price data and the sectors pages.

Royal Capital Portal - Company Page - DSE Listed Company Overview Data

Looking at AB Bank Limited’s page, we can see both fundamental and technical information regarding this company. In the header section, we can see the trade code, last traded price, today’s rate of price change, year-to-date (starting from 1st January of the year to present date) rate of price change, PE ratio based on latest earnings, category to which the security belongs and the 52 weeks’ price range of this security. The 52 weeks’ range shows where the current price of the security stands in the range of lowest to highest price.

Royal Capital Portal - Company Page - Tabs

There are five tabs under the header section. The first tab, synopsis, gives a summary of the other four tabs. The first widget of the page is today’s trading. It exhibits all the trading information of each day. It shows today’s opening price, the day’s price range, closing price, volume, value (the amount of share today), and market capitalization consecutively. This information is updated on a real-time basis. The next widget is growth and valuation. It portrays a year-to-year comparison. It tells the user how much has changed from the previous to the current year. Information that has been highlighted here is revenue growth, earnings growth, equity growth, price to book ratio, price to million sales, and price to earnings ratio (based on last year’s audited earnings). These values are presented in a relative format. The peers widget shows the price change and the percentage change in the minimum five securities of the respective sector in alphabetical order. The following widget, financials, shows the relative values of growth and valuation widget in absolute format. Information that has been highlighted in this widget is annual revenue, interim revenue (quarterly), annual profit, interim profit, equity, and cash and cash equivalent. The view details link at the top of the widget allows the user to visit the financials tab, as all the information of this widget is a summary of the financials tab. The profile tab gives a glimpse of the basic information of the company. Its show the company’s respective sector, industry, present chairman, chief executive/ managing director, and corporate headquarter. By clicking view details, the user will be linked to the profile tab, where he will be able to see further information regarding the company. The next widget, risk-return comparison, is a graphical representation of the level of risk per unit of return. It is calculated by dividing risk (standard deviation) by average return. Here, return is the independent variable whereas risk is the dependent variable. If one looks at the chart, one can see the risk-return comparison of all the securities of the respective sector. To identify AB Bank’s risk and return easily, the dot representing the data has been bolded on the chart. The trend widget shows each month’s trend of the price of the security relative to the respective sector and DSEX market. The user can expand these two widgets to see on the full screen using the expand button on the right corner. The last widget, latest news, shows the latest three news and disclosure of the security. The view details link at the top connects the user to the news tab, where further information regarding this widget is available.

Royal Capital Portal - Company Page - Profile Tab

The second tab on the page is the profile tab. All the information available in this tab are static information. The header section displays the sector, industry, and market capitalization of the security. Then a short description of the company and its principal activities are described. Afterward, the key numerals such as authorized capital, paid-up capital, face-value, and so on are displayed. The following widget, shareholders, exhibits the broader category of shares, the number of shares, and its percentage. These categories have been graphically presented with the help of a pie chart below. In the pie chart, free-float share refers to the combined number of institutions, foreign and public shares. At the end of the tab, the names of the top executive and the contact information are given consecutively.

Royal Capital Portal - Company Page - News Tab

Next is the news tab. It exhibits all the news and the price & volume regarding this security. The user can select his desired time range. However, all the information is displayed in the 1-year range by default. This information is graphically presented with the help of a line chart. In the chart, the vertical axis is price, and the horizontal axis is volume. All the significant news is plotted on the chart based on its date. For instance, if the user places his curser on Q2, he can see that AB Bank received its second quarterly information on this date. By placing the cursor on Q2 a speech bubble showing the news details will pop out on the side and the date on which the news occurred will be shown below. To check the price, the user has to place the cursor on a particular date. To look for any particular news, there is a search box above. The user can use it for an easier query at any time. For example, by selecting dividends from the dropdown menu of the search box, the user will see all the dividend-related news of AB Bank during the selected time range. Details of these are described right below the chart, along with their respective date. The objective of this chart is to observe the impact of the news, whether it causes the price to rise or fall.

Then comes the Financials tab. There are five subtabs under this tab. The four bar charts at the top give a glance view of the company’s net asset value per share, earnings per share, net operating cash flow per share, and return on equity. These bar charts are made using only static information. The first subtab shows the balance sheet of the company on an annual and quarterly basis. It shows the latest five years and the latest five quarter’s data in a tabular format. The trend column shows the trend of the information over the years and its average. This information can be collapsed and expanded as per the user’s requirement. The amount of cash dividend and bonus share distributed by the company each year is displayed at the bottom of the page. The following two subtabs, the income statement, and cash flow statement are similar to the balance sheet. The fourth subtab, ratios, shows the latest five years’ key ratios and their trend. The information source button (i) next to each ratio, explains what each ratio means and how it is measured. The final subtab, peers, is quite similar to the sector page, slight changes in the information can be observed based on different industries. As we are observing AB Bank’s particular information, the row containing AB Bank’s information has been highlighted for the user’s convenience.

Royal Capital Portal - Company Page - Technical Analysis Tab

The last tab is the chart tab. The chart is sourced from TradingView. On the chart, the user can analyze price data over the last 5 years using various drawing tools and indicators. He can save the analysis in his desired name by clicking on the save bottom at the right side of the top.

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