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RIL Company Analysis – Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

RIL Company Analysis – Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Square Pharma is the largest pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh. It is one of the trusted names in the pharmaceutical sector. It holds around 17% market share of the pharmaceutical industry and 3.8% market capitalization of the broad index of the Dhaka Stock Exchange.

Square Pharmaceutical

It recorded a revenue of BDT 45.9B in 2020. The revenue of the company grew with a CAGR of 7.9% over the last five years. The net margin is around 29% over the past five years.

The vision of the company is that they view business as a means to the material and social wellbeing of the investors, employees, and society at large.

Square Pharmaceuticals Factory

The current market price of Square Pharma is BDT 215.50 (August 30, 2021). But the intrinsic value of the company is around BDT 302.70. Therefore, it can be said that Square Pharmaceuticals is undervalued with its’ current market price.

To download the full Company Analysis on Square Pharmaceuticals click – “Company Analysis – Square Pharmaceuticals

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