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RIL Company Analysis – British American Tobacco Bangladesh (BATBC)

RIL Company Analysis – British American Tobacco Bangladesh (BATBC)

British American Tobacco Bangladesh is one of the leading multinational companies that is operating in Bangladesh. It has been doing almost a monopoly business in Bangladesh holding a market share of 66.6%. From its inception 111 years ago, BATBC has been committed to being a partner in the country’s sustainable development. It has been the highest tax-paying private company in Bangladesh. BATBC has invested from time to time to increase manufacturing and warehousing capacity in different locations of the country. The Board of directors ensures its shareholders that the company has a competent risk management process to ensure their safety. It plans to go further with the same alacrity that it started 111 years ago, be the number one locally listed company in turnover, partner with the national exchequer, and operate as a socially responsible company.

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Image Source – The Independent

The current market capitalization of BATBC is around 285.9B which is around 5.63% of the total market cap of the broad index of the Dhaka Stock Exchange (June 16, 2021).

BATBC recorded a revenue of 60.3B in the last calendar year. The revenue of the company grew with a CAGR of 8.61% over the last five years.

The current market price of British American Tobacco Bangladesh is BDT 529.5 (June 16, 2021). But the intrinsic value of the company is around BDT 622.70. Therefore, it can be said that BATBC is undervalued with its’ current market price. There may be a potential price gain on buying the share at this current price.

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This document is prepared by the research team of Royal Capital Limited. This is based on the publicly provided information by BAT Bangladesh and our research. We do not rely on any insider information.

This report does not influence the investors to buy and sell the equity.

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