Penn Law School Cost of Attendance
Nov 26 2022

Tuition fees represent expenses charged to your student account, but do not necessarily represent the total cost of your program. The cost of living and the cost of books must also be taken into account and are included in the tables below. The Judge Sandra Mazer Moss Scholarship is a $2,500 cash prize awarded to a single law student (of any religion or belief) at a Philadelphia law school that aims at personal achievement, success and excellence in law. Click here for a request. Other: This amount includes general personal effects, entertainment, laundry, telephone service and transportation, including normal travel expenses within the city. Please note that the Wharton Business and Law Certificate costs approximately $14,760. Scholarship opportunities for law schools are limited through external organizations, but AccessLex has a scholarship database worth considering. Tuition: These are the total tuition fees for full-time attendance at law school. Tuition fees and expenses are adjusted annually. The Liedekerke Scholarship awards 25,000 euros per year to a law student who (1) has achieved good grades in all their courses at a Belgian university, (2) is primarily interested in corporate and/or business law, (iii) has applied to leading US law schools, (iv) joins Liedekerke for a one-month summer internship before moving to the United States, and (v) commits to Liedekerke after returning from the United States for at least one year. We recognize that studying at a U.S. law school is a serious investment.

We are proud to offer a variety of Penn Carey Graduate Scholarships in Law. The law school`s commitment to a broad and modern legal education and our proximity to some of the best graduate and professional schools in the country make interdisciplinary study one of the defining features of the law school, although it is by no means a requirement to be considered or participate in the Levy Scholars program. Rather, we hope that Levy Scholars will want to take advantage of these rich opportunities and resources by exploring joint or certificate programs or taking interdisciplinary courses at law school. Penn Carey Law supports the careers of students and alumni engaged in public service through interest-free loans and a generous credit waiver program. The Toll Loan Repayment Assistance Plan (TolLRAP) provides significant relief from the Faculty of Law`s heavy debt burden. ** Accommodation and utilities are based on a single student living alone. If you`re planning to go to law school, it`s important to calculate your expected debt and create a repayment plan. For most Canadian students, the federal government is willing to lend a student (as long as the student does not have an adverse credit history) the full cost of attending an accredited law school minus grants and bursaries through federal direct loans, including Stafford and GradPLUS loans. For more information on these loans, visit the Federal Student Assistance website. This does not mean that the resulting loan payments will be affordable. One important difference between these and student loans is that there is interest on the payment, so you owe more than you borrowed after graduation. The average debt for law school graduates is about $140,000.

Read here for more information on debt-financed participation costs. Please note that scholarships and grants are available to cover tuition fees. The following table uses the above assumptions to estimate debt among the 30 scenarios in the table. The first scenario – the top left cell – shows no reduction in tuition fees and the inclusion of the maximum amount for living expenses ($26,867). Move to the other side of the row to see the impact of a larger tuition reduction on loans that end with a full-time discount. The column on the far right shows a student paying $0 in tuition each year. Each additional line reflects the annual savings on the cost of living. Using the example in the last column, the upper right cell reflects borrowing the maximum amount for the cost of living.

The cell below reflects savings of 5% per year. The bottom line reflects a student spending 25% less than the maximum amount for living expenses. Over the past decade, law students have used the school`s guaranteed summer funding to perform substantial legal work in more than 1,600 unpaid public and state internships. Read below what they have to say about their experience: To determine whether law school is worth the projected debt, students should research the employment outcomes of law graduates, analyze expected salaries in their areas of legal interest, and explore other avenues if their career goals are not good.