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Sector Spotlight: How to Apply Fundamental Analysis in Specific Industries

Fundamental analysis is a cornerstone of investment decision-making, providing investors with valuable insights into the actual value of a company or asset. It is a comprehensive approach that involves evaluating the intrinsic worth of investment by examining both quantitative and qualitative factors.

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Exploring the Impact of Central Bank Policies on Global Stock Markets

Central banks play a crucial role in shaping the global economy and financial markets, with their policies significantly impacting stock markets worldwide. These institutions are responsible for formulating and implementing monetary policies to maintain price stability, foster economic growth, and ensure financial system stability.

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RCL Monetary Policy Statement (MPS) Analysis July to December FY’2023

The MPS reflects a contractionary monetary policy to combat inflationary pressure. This tight-money will mop up billions of funds in amount which will distress money supply.

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