Oyo Rooms Legal for Unmarried Couples
Nov 25 2022

Their services are ideal for young unmarried couples. They offer the best service that guarantees an excellent stay. From check-in to check-out, OYO room service tops every hospitality list for couples. To book an OYO that allows unmarried couples, select “OYO welcomes couples” in the filters when searching for a hotel in any city. You can also enable relationship mode in the OYO app. You can contact the 9313931393 helpline or help.oyorooms.com send an email if you have any complaints. Now let`s talk about the main points. I shared why OYO rooms are safe for couples and other helpful tips. There is a sense of insecurity that most couples face when it comes to booking their stay together. Which hotel to choose? How to talk at reception? And what is not? According to Article 21 of the Indian Constitution, it is now legal for couples to stay in hotels. Article 21, Protection of life and personal liberty, states: “No one shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty unless this is done in accordance with a procedure established by law.” Thus, article 21 guarantees the security of two rights: (a) the right to life and (b) the right to personal liberty. Kavikrut, OYO`s director of room growth, told The Quint that the development of this feature was aimed at making it easier to book a room. Do you want to spend time with your partner? Would you like to book a room with OYO? Is the OYO room safe for unmarried couples and is safety guaranteed? Under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act 1985, illegal drugs and substances are not permitted on hotel grounds.

If hotel authorities find evidence, they can immediately report it to the police. Yes. There is no law in the country denying an unmarried couple a stay in a hotel. However, the check-in of a couple is at the discretion of the hotel owners/managers. I hope you got your answer to the question “is the OYO room safe for unmarried couples”. Yes, they are. They offer excellent service, OYO has launched an exquisite collection of hotels whose properties are now ready to be booked by couples. The brand`s collections have been called Edition O, Capital O, Townhouse and Silver Key to diversify various properties.

One can find all the details of these properties when booking the hotel and see their collections. By not making it their USP, Anurag Gaggar, VP of Products for OYO Spaces, told The Quint that they haven`t deviated from their offering of predictability, availability, accessibility and affordability. But the good thing is that most of the hotel rooms OYO works with are the ones that cater to unmarried couples without a doubt. The new rules came into effect in 2021. Many couples are happy with these new regulations, while some oppose the disclosure of their identity in public. What are these new rules? Let`s take a look! OYO`s relationship mode helps you quickly find hotels that accept unmarried couples. When enabled, it displays all hotels according to your preferences. The staff at OYO Hotel is well trained and qualified to guide couples during their stay. They are polite to their customers and listen to any issues presented to them.

And my suggestion is to choose hotels that are suitable for couples and have no problem with an unmarried couple being their guest. This is ideal for local unmarried couples who want to spend time together. OYO rooms are safe for unmarried couples. You can book your rooms without worries as the hotel staff in OYO is very helpful at check-in. Online demand for hotels that allow couples has increased 10-fold in the last 5 years. This is the policy that most hotels seem to be working on. Although there is no law prohibiting unmarried couples from staying together, they are regularly denied rooms. At best, the reasons are fragile and devoid of logic; At worst, they are judgmental and moralistic. Ritesh Agarwal would not have been surprised in 2013 that his company On Your Own, known as OYO, became a huge success. OYO has become one of the fastest growing hotel and residential chains.

They offer a comfortable stay with quality rooms all over India. These budget hotels have recently made headlines for their changing rules and regulations for unmarried couples. This saves you from having to read each hotel`s policies, whether or not they accept unmarried couples. All you have to do is activate the relationship mode when you book your hotel. From my personal experience, OYO rooms are always great. And I hope this article will give the answer to the question “Is the OYO room safe for unmarried couples”. So you can book your stay in OYO without worries. If the hotel staff is not willing to accept other documents such as proof of identity, you can file a complaint against them on the OYO complaints portal. In addition to the PAN card, the Aadhaar card, driver`s license, voter card or any other government service card is now valid for OYO room reservations. There are a lot of problems when it comes to booking a hotel room for unmarried couples.

The society in which couples walk hand in hand is considered taboo, apart from the fact that they live in one room. Yes. OYO offers safe hotels for unmarried couples. Most OYO hotels allow unmarried couples and accept local ID. They have well-trained staff who ensure security and confidentiality. Check in advance which hotels accept unmarried couples and which do not. OYO is not responsible for such confusion and will cancel the booking without refund. Moral oversight in Indian culture is something we cannot ignore. Even today, couples are humiliated when they kiss in public, and police raids on hotels are very common. “Madam, you have a local ID card, we can`t give you a room.” OYO rooms came to the rescue. Their app has a “relationship mode” that helps users find couples-friendly hotels, meaning they allow unmarried couples, even with local credentials, to check in hassle-free.

Some hotels don`t allow unmarried couples to check in, others may ask strange questions about how you`re married, are you in a relationship, and what isn`t. No, there is no law prohibiting unmarried couples from staying together or checking into a hotel. Kavirut told us that they have also received positive feedback and that customers are grateful for this feature. Your email address will not be published. Required fields marked with * – Senior Advocate Sudha Ramalingam, News Minute, 19 May 2015 The normal check-in and check-out times are 12:00 and 11:00 respectively. Unless otherwise stated in the booking voucher, you are entitled to additional charges in accordance with OYO`s guidelines. Extensions can be made at current prices and not at the original booking price. In this article, we will talk about these topics and know if OYO is safe and worth staying with your partner. The couple must apply for habeas corpus (i.e.

a corpse) under section 226 in the High Court or section 32 in the Supreme Court. According to this plea, the court ordered that the detainee be brought before it for further review of his detention. If the verdict is in favour of the person, the person is entitled to compensation. “Why do your surnames differ when you are married?” – Taj Hassan, spokesman for the Delhi Police Commissioner, Quint, July 29, 2016 Apps like Stay Uncle and OYO Rooms create social change, one hotel room at a time. You can see all the flagship hotels by selecting “Flagship” in the category section (see image above) Both the boy and girl must fill in the details correctly in the hotel register. Don`t be happy if the staff allows the girl`s identity to be hidden. Instead, fill in the entries correctly to avoid unnecessary intervention by law enforcement. Later, police will question the couple directly, not hotel staff. However, the check-in of a couple is at the discretion of the hotel owners/managers.