Otrium Legal Counsel
Nov 25 2022

I will answer a slightly different question. What I didn`t know 10 years ago is that in the Netherlands we think more about boxing. If you studied law, the standard method is to pursue a career in law. In the U.S., people go to the bar, become lawyers, and then go to investment banking or consulting, for example. Of course, not everyone does this, but it`s not uncommon to change careers once you`ve reached a certain level of expertise. That makes perfect sense. In the Netherlands, it seems that we think more in terms of restrictions. Nevertheless, I feel like this way of thinking has evolved a bit in recent years to think more in terms of opportunities. It works both ways: for lawyers who want to change careers, and for people with other backgrounds who want to pursue a career in law.

I encourage this postponement! Teamwork is a big part of my job and I spend a lot of time working with my teams. Our legal team consists of 2 senior legal counsel, 2 paralegals and one external counsel. We will also try to work on a cross-functional level, which means someone on my team has more to do with sustainability, and another team member is also involved in the more commercial side of our business. If it`s something our employees want, we try to give them the opportunity to expand their skills and scope within the company by combining legal with work for other teams. I truly believe that if you hire a highly experienced corporate lawyer from a top-notch law firm, you can use their skills in a variety of roles and projects. Corporate lawyers have specific skills with many transferable skills, from project management to critical thinking (and asking questions!). 5. How would you describe the ultra-fast-growing “disruptive” environment in which you currently work to someone who is still in private practice? Adventure. I didn`t know what I was going to do for the next 5 to 20 years.

If I had stayed with De Brauw, I probably would have stayed and I would have done it for a large number of years. The adventure was a big trigger. Sorry, but Rutger Van Boxtel cannot be contacted yet through our email service. Please use our Premium/VIP service to join colleagues of Rutger Van Boxtel listed below. Here are some tips for making great contacts. On a daily and weekly level, it`s hard to say and varies from week to week, but usually my Mondays and Tuesdays are filled with many meetings (for example. Executive meetings, but also regular checks with the CFO and our CEOs). I often have a little more time on Wednesdays to work on larger projects or agreements. As we approach board and shareholder meetings, I also spend a lot of time preparing for them.

(#3) Consolidation order. This case is consolidated with 2:21-cv-1745, the main case. All pleadings, motions and other documents filed below must be filed at 2:21-cv-1745. The Registry of the Court marks this case as closed Signed by Judge Arthur J. Schwab on 22.12.21. (lck) (Recorded: 22.12.2021) Then we give brands the data so they can bring the most sought-after archival items back to life. Our app reinvents factory outlets and helps customers easily find discounted gems. Essentially, we give fashion a fresh start at the end of the season. This is an overview of the profile of the PitchBook platform. 1. What if you could give the same superpower to everyone on this planet? Which superpower would you choose? Certainly the dynamic.

You really build and create. And you don`t know where it`s going to end! It`s so different to work for a company that`s been around for 50 or 100 years, places where you don`t easily become a driving force or aren`t able to have the impact you can have on an expansion like Otrium. Prior to working on Otrium`s funding round, I worked with Mollie and founder Adriaan Mol on a number of transactions and a few other venture capital projects. Adriaan knew the founders of Otrium and recommended that they talk to De Brauw. That`s how Max and Milan – the CEOs of Otrium – ended up at De Brauw and I at Otrium. We worked with a team on Otrium`s Series C funding cycle, and shortly after that round closed, the CFO asked me if I would consider joining Otrium as General Counsel. I really had to think about it and had a bit of a hard time deciding, until one of De Brauw`s former associates (whom I had spoken to who I had spoken to) told me that he thought the role was perfect for me and that some strengths and qualities I had would come into play in this role. What he said gave me a sense of peace and it made things easier to do. Data and data protection are important to us and should be important to you. We, Otrium, use the information you submit to us via our form to complete the application process and prepare a possible contract. We process your personal data in accordance with our privacy policy, which you can find here.

See the “Applications” section for more information about this process. We grow fast, we shake up the 20/80 rule, we celebrate our victories and we learn from our mistakes. We start our editing with last week`s achievements and end our Fridays with a cool melody curated by our own resident DJ Jona. PitchBook`s non-financial metrics help you measure a company`s traction and growth through its web presence and social reach. 2. Tell us how your best friend would introduce you? Operator of a factory outlet platform, supposed to offer the latest fashion clothes at discounted prices. The company`s platform provides a men`s and women`s apparel marketplace with the latest high-end brands, allowing customers to enjoy their desired items at great deals with services such as next-day delivery and super-fast returns. As a member of the Executive Board, I am involved in the strategy of the entire company – this commitment is important to me and I love it. On the other hand, I am also very closely involved in day-to-day affairs. There are so many things to do, sometimes you just don`t know where to start.

As an M&A lawyer, you will work and implement projects. When you move into the house, your to-do list becomes a never-ending story. And it only gets longer if you ask the right questions. You need to decide what to focus on and what to “park” to make sure things keep moving forward and getting done. Added to this is the international dynamic. Otrium is active in the EU, the UK and the US. One day I`m working on updating our standard partnership agreement, the next day I`m diving into the Americans with Disabilities Act and U.S. privacy laws. “Large” is definitely part of the definition of this work. It is such a shame for the resources that have been devoted to it and for the people who lack it. We are here to solve this problem.

Our goal is literally to make sure all clothes are worn. Another thing that is important is to be customer-oriented. In private practice, your job is to be client-oriented and discover exactly what the client needs. It`s no different internally, with “internal” customers. I don`t want to make things more difficult for other teams, I want to make things easier. My #1 advice for others is, do your job well, as it can really create (unexpected) opportunities. My second piece of advice is to continue to invest and believe in your skills and personality and be able to pass on how your skills and personality can serve you in another type of role. The fact that you are a lawyer means that you have a very valuable set of transferable skills that are (almost) universally applicable. Don`t think in silos or boxes. Know what you are good at, able to explain it to others and relate it to what is needed for the role you have in mind. I think the transferable skills of corporate lawyers would be useful to many startups and scale-ups.

Start-ups and scale-ups are usually founded by young, super ambitious and smart people. This works very well in the first few years and some of the first entrants will definitely grow and develop as the business grows. However, if the company is to take it to the next level, you also need people with a different kind of experience. People who have seen a variety of things (and companies) and are able to use their experience in the right way.