Oregon State University Legal Counsel
Nov 25 2022

The Office of the General Counsel (OGC) is responsible for representing and providing legal advice to Oregon State University. The Office of the General Counsel provides legal advice and support to the President, Provost President, National Administration, Deans, Directors and Professors. The General Counsel is responsible for the legal representation of the University, its officers and staff, as well as for reviewing the University`s operations to determine compliance with applicable laws. For the qualified legal matters described above, please complete the form under Request for Legal Advice. We are here to help you with a range of legal questions. Please see the support areas listed below. If you are a student of Corvallis Campus OSU and you have a question that falls within the scope of the Legal Aid Office, or if you have any questions, please contact us: (541) 737-4165 or asosu@accessthelaw.org. As General Counsel, Becca Gose is the University`s Chief Legal Counsel and heads the Office of the General Counsel, which consists of lawyers who provide legal advice on a variety of topics. Becca and her staff focus on supporting the university through strategic and preventive advice, creative and pragmatic solutions, and collaborative problem solving. Becca sits on the university`s cabinet and advises the Board of Trustees, President, Provost and all levels of leadership. Students can access confidential counselling services and stress management resources through counselling and psychology services at the Corvallis campus (541-737-2131) and OSU-Cascades` Student Success Centre. For more information on the Office, please visit the following Web site: oregonstate.edu/legal-counsel/home. If you have experienced bias, you can report these incidents anonymously through this office under biasincidentreport.oregonstate.edu.

Becca has been Associate General Counsel at the University since 2010 and took up her current position in 2015. Prior to joining the university, she was an attorney in the San Francisco office of Munger, Tolles & Olson, where part of her practice was devoted to representing public higher education institutions, in addition to general labor, copyright, constitutional, and commercial disputes. Prior to that, she worked as a trainee attorney for the Honourable David M. Ebel on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth District. She received her JD from the University of California, Berkeley and her BA from the University of Colorado at Boulder. The Student Life Support team helps students solve non-academic problems, ranging from unexpected life events to academic difficulties and beyond. This team does not provide advice on visa or immigration matters. Contact 541-737-8748 or slassistance@oregonstate.edu for more information. The General Counsel can only give advice in connection with the official affairs of the university and cannot advise employees or students on personal legal matters. Students with personal legal problems should contact ASOSU Legal Service.

The OSU Experience website provides information on a wide range of wellness resources on the Oregon State Corvallis campus and OSU Cascades. Find care with the many services available to you. Visit experience.oregonstate.edu/well-being/resources. OGC lawyers, as well as external lawyers hired by the OGC, provide advice and focus on collaboration and prevention. The OSU is best served when employees seeking legal advice contact the OGC early and provide complete information on relevant facts, objectives and timelines. As holistic and strategic advisors, OGC lawyers are most effective when they are fully integrated and informed. If you are a student with a legal question, please contact ASOSU Student Legal Services. The resources listed here do not constitute legal advice and are provided for informational purposes only.

Individuals are strongly advised to seek the advice of a lawyer promptly to discuss their unique situation. Students with legal problems are encouraged to seek legal advice for their personal and family situation. Student legal services are provided to Corvallis OSU students by Access the Law Law Firm and paid for by student registration fees on the Corvallis campus. If you would like more information about the legal service provider, please visit their website at – accessthelaw.org/ Student Legal Services is one of the services offered by ASOSU to OSU students on the Corvallis campus. Legal services are provided to OSU students through Access the Law and paid for by Corvallis campus ancillary fees. Our office provides legal advice and representation to OSU students when they have a dispute that does not involve the university. From 22.09.2021 our reception will be open face to face. Clients have the option to meet with Zoom, either by phone or in person with our lawyers. We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your legal needs. ASOSU Student Legal Services provides legal advice and representation to OSU students when the other party to the dispute is not part of the university or one of its administrative units.

Counseling consists of legal advice and limited representation in the following areas of support: This office assists international students from admission to graduation with counseling services and settlement advice at Oregon State. The staff is available to answer all your questions and find other services on campus if needed. Contact 541-737-6310 or isas.advisor@oregonstate.edu. You can also stop at ILLC 130. Oregon State University is here to help students who may be facing challenges. The following non-legal services are available for general support and advice. Regardless of whether your specific area of support is listed, all students are encouraged to contact the Student Legal Services office if they have a legal conflict or question. If our lawyers are not able to help you, they may be able to make recommendations to additional resources.