Novus Legal Services Limited
Nov 24 2022

Novus Pro delivers The New Certainty by bringing together a team of highly skilled professionals across four disciplines – law, business, engineering and technology – to bring best practices that have revolutionized other industries to the legal profession. Novus Pro is a unique legal practice founded on the premise that clients need more than brilliant legal minds to achieve their goals in an increasingly complex and costly legal landscape. Our firm brings the science clients and their law firms need to enhance the art of legal practice. Litigation has become too big, complex and costly for just brilliant legal minds. Novus Pro works end-to-end with clients and their law firms – answering questions, finding and arranging additional evidence, and even going to mediation, arbitration or courts as needed to help them implement their legal strategy. Our multidisciplinary leadership team includes former executives and lawyers from major law and services firms, as well as former in-house consultants to private and public companies. By promising fixed fees, measurable accuracy and timely delivery of our deliverables, Novus Pro offers you a valuable asset: the new peace of mind that will give you confidence in pursuing your legal strategy. At one time, brilliant jurists sufficed. Times have changed. Novus` award-winning process™, comprised of three powerful tools, combines best practices from the legal profession with those from manufacturing, aviation, healthcare and business, and applies them to the legal profession for the first time.

The Novus process saves our clients approximately $4 per $1™ in fees, reducing overall legal costs by up to 30%. We find, document and provide the history of litigation, investigations, compliance audits and other important or complex legal matters by investigating, organizing and analyzing documents related to our clients` files – more efficiently, accurately and cost-effectively than is possible with traditional legal proceedings. We apply structured process control, quantitative analysis, state-of-the-art technology and professional management to transform mountains of electronically stored information into work products that our clients and their law firms can confidently use to pursue their legal strategy. In today`s legal world, Novus Pro is the new certainty. Our lawyers use a unique and sophisticated process to accelerate our clients` access to critical information faster than ever before, enabling them to make better decisions faster and resolve more issues sooner. Our work product includes a summary of facts in the form of a concise narrative, witness and key files, an extensive document library, a journal of privileges, a timeline of events, statements and process summaries, and any other information our clients and their law firms need to pursue their legal strategy. Novus` process uses lean manufacturing principles™ to help our clients and their law firms discover what happened earlier than traditional legal disputes. This not only increases the likelihood of an earlier solution, but also the likelihood of a better solution long before a lot of time and money is spent. Working closely with and under the direct supervision of our clients` preferred law firm, Novus Pro transforms the mountains of documents and other documents related to eDiscovery firm`s cases into a finished work product that our clients and their law firms can use with confidence to further their legal strategy. Novus Professional Services Private Limited supports volunteer initiatives in the communities where we operate.

We actively support initiatives focused on food security, non-formal education of children, animal welfare, voluntary blood donation camps, recycling, urban tree planting, e-waste disposal and management, and environmental awareness. Novus nMotion™ leverages what we learn in preparing for Novus CORE and is a seamless extension of our work preparing movements, briefings, and discovery responses. “What is the value proposition for customers? Sixty percent lower costs than a traditional law firm and near-perfect quality. Next accounts due by November 30, 2021 by November 30, 2022 When I look back on the years I spent at Novus Pro, I am very satisfied. My. Our client`s preferred law firm sees all of our work as it is prepared in real time, giving them many more opportunities to refine their strategy early and improve the chances of a positive outcome for the client. OLD NAMES This company has no previous names. You will not receive any notification regarding this company. I have been with Novus Pro for over four years. What keeps me engaged in the company. Novus Pro is a unique and innovative organization.

I have had a wonderful and rewarding association with Novus. Eliminates redundancy, allowing you to better focus on each important document. Clients and their law firms know their options 3 times earlier. “Novus Pro creates a work product right out of the box, so customers see their cases come to life three times faster than normal.” Want to know more about NOVUS LEGAL SERVICES LIMITED? Purchase the company report or an annual subscription to view this information. Date of next declaration November 21, 2022 Deadline no later than December 5, 2022 Novus Pro has won an InnovAction Award for The Novus Process (2008) and Novus Accelerate (2017), making it only the second recipient twice. The Novus Data Reduction and Optimization Process (Novus DROP) ™ is a systematic and auditable approach to significantly and justifiably reduce the volume of documents that our firm and others must read. It uses advanced technologies, including natural language processing, latent semantic indexing and other conceptual and content categorization tools, as well as quantitative analysis, including statistical science, to methodically eliminate large amounts of documents. I`ve been with Novus Pro for almost six months. Some fears of a legal dispute. Provides an almost perfect work product.

Virtually eliminates the risk of missing the historical document needed to achieve a favorable outcome. During a case and until the end, whether months or years, Novus Pro stands alongside its clients and their law firms to achieve better, measurable results with the Novus process™.