New York City Butterfly Knife Laws
Nov 24 2022

I want to know if I can own, own and transport a UNSHARPENED/TRAINER butterfly knife to Long Island. Recently sued by the NYPD in Manhattan for “possession of a knife” and wondering if anyone can help me. The knife in question is less than three inches tall; a folding pocket knife. I have a ballistic knife that I used to disable the spring mechanism. Therefore, technically speaking, it is no longer a ballistic knife. If a policeman, for some reason, found me in possession of this knife, I shouldn`t have any problems, even if it`s a ballistic knife, right? Even the Constitution states: “No state shall enact or enforce any law that limits the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor may any State deprive any person of life, liberty or property without due process; deny or deny to a person within its jurisdiction the same protection of the law. And yet, we have evidence here that NY got away with it. Is it legal to only own one knife, but not leave your house with it, because I`m confused. It is said that it is illegal to carry these knives, but this never says anything about the fact that you only own them in your home/property if you do not intend to leave them there.

You can own any gun and knife you like. This doesn`t mean you won`t be arrested, but if you`re determined, you can fight and have very strong legal grounds for doing so. It`s not possible for everyone to train that long, but I`ve never had much trouble with the police as long as I`m polite and knowledgeable about the law – memorizing criminal codes and relevant court cases is usually more than enough to leave you alone when there is no incident. If there is one, you may have to go to court, but the majority of abusers will usually flee the crime scene. If you are the one reporting the incident, you can usually only provide relevant information, and they can ask or ask for your knife if they think it might help find the suspect. If they are indeed allowed to demand, it would be a question of law (search) and seizure, which I am not very familiar with. I am a 59-year-old man who loves New York, I don`t live there anymore, but I like to visit every opportunity I have, I would never bring a gun to protect myself because I agree with gun laws and I like the fact that our police force is safer than our citizens. What type of knife and how long can I carry a knife to protect my loved ones if I am forced to take a stand.

At my age, a booth might be my last fight, but that`s okay! After all, who wants to live their life if a person can`t protect the people they love most? “PLEASE” someone! Anybody! Help your brother`s heart so that I can be reassured on holiday in the greatest city in the world. THANK YOU!! I just sold an antique hunting knife and shipped it to someone in New York. Will I get into trouble? I didn`t know until I read this article that the laws there would be a problem. That`s exactly why I would never live in or around New York. Police state. In New York, Balisong is a legal knife. Balisong is considered a deadly weapon, which is why New York law does not allow owners to hide and carry it. It is illegal to carry the hidden knife and must therefore be worn openly and uncovered. Yes, I have noticed that New York`s laws are very different from the rest of the state. I walk around all the time with a Kbar on my belt. I live in Rochester.

I also have it in the layer view. Has not yet been stopped, (knocking on wood). But New York State has no blade length restriction. And I take it everywhere, to the mall, to the grocery store, there`s not a moment when I don`t have it. Not to a Nazi, grammatical or otherwise. I can say from a lot of personal experience that 7 o`clock is barley locked up according to the New York standard. Rather, it was a delay or stopover. I was in the graves (middle St. hold to see the judge) Friday-Sunday, they run the judges all night on weekends, they are so secure.

In any case, that is not the point. I met a man who was parked in a red zone (high crime zone) He was in his company car (carpet layer) had a folding razor on his tool belt aka A FUKIN CARPET CUTTER and the policeman thought it was a gravity knife. The situation is getting worse. As this man had a Felloney 9 years earlier, the arrest stopped and we shared a bus for Rikers that evening. If I hadn`t been in the courtroom and heard this explained to the judge with my own 2 ears, I don`t think I would have really believed the man that they were no longer interested in the story. Also towed company car, job lost and tears, I saw a very unhappy woman on the phone calling home. In the end, the first thing I do before I step on the bus is unbuckle mine and put it in my bag.