Nebraska Dog License Laws
Nov 24 2022

(3) If an inspection provides evidence of a contravention of the Act or the rules and regulations of the Ministry, the applicant, licensee or person whom the Ministry has reason to believe to be an operator shall receive a copy of a written report on the inspection and the violations found in the inspection, accompanied by a written request: within the time limit set by the section and specified in this notice. If the department conducts a new inspection to determine whether a contractor has complied or has complied within the compliance period established under this subsection, or if the inspector must return to the contractor`s site because the operator was not available within a reasonable time in accordance with subsection (4) of this section, The applicant: The licensee or a person whom the Ministry has reason to believe to be an operator shall pay a rehearsal fee of one hundred and fifty dollars and the inspector`s mileage at the rate set out in section 81-1176. The purpose of the repeat fee is to cover the administrative costs associated with the additional inspection. All fees charged under this section shall be remitted to the State Treasurer for credit to the Commercial Dog and Cat Operator Operator Inspection Program cash fund. The determination of recidivism does not prevent the director from taking the other measures provided for in the act. In the State of Nebraska, all laws, ordinances, codes or rules and regulations relating to rabies control or vaccination of companion animals or hybrids against rabies are enforced by county, community, city and village health and law enforcement workers, or other officials with regulatory authority. as determined by the political subdivisions in force. Where a county, municipality, city or village requires the admission of domestic or hybrid animals, it may require the owner or custodian of the pet or hybrid animal to provide the clerk of that political subdivision with a certificate attesting that the pet or hybrid animal has been vaccinated against rabies before obtaining a licence to own or keep a pet or hybrid animal in such county. is granted to such a municipality, town or village. in accordance with Articles 71-4401 to 71-4412.

(1) No person shall perform the duties of a commercial breeder of dogs or cats, a dealer, a boarding house, an animal welfare facility, an animal shelter, an animal rescue facility or a pet store unless the appropriate licence is obtained. A pet store is subject only to the Commercial Dogs and Cats Inspection Act and the rules and regulations published and enacted under that Act in all areas of the establishment used for the keeping and sale of pets. Where a facility referred to in this subsection is not located at the owner`s residence, the name and address of the owner must be posted there. Nothing in the Dog and Cat Purchase Protection Act limits all rights and remedies otherwise available under the laws of this state. Any agreement or contract between a seller and a buyer that waives any right under the law is void. Nothing in the Dog and Cat Purchase Protection Act shall be construed to limit a seller from offering only such express or implied warranties as are required by law. 7. The AIFM may terminate proceedings under this Section at any time if the grounds for such proceedings no longer exist. A suspended licence may be reinstated, a new licence may be issued to a person holding a revoked licence, or a licence holder may no longer be subject to probationary if the Director determines that the conditions that led to the suspension, revocation or probation no longer apply. (5) If the Ministry considers it necessary by law or by a rule or regulation made and made under it, the Ministry may, for the purpose of inspection, enter the premises of an applicant, licensee or person whom the Ministry has reason to believe is an operator during normal business hours and in a reasonable manner, without being the subject of an action for intrusion or damages. including any premises where dogs or cats are housed, housed, sold, bartered or rented, or suspected of being housed, housed, sold, bartered or rented. (3) Every county, town or village that imposes a licence fee on the owner or provider of accommodation of a cat, cat or dog or dog under this section shall collect from the licensee a fee of one dollar and twenty-five cents in addition to the licence fee collected by the competent licensing authority.

The person designated by the licensing jurisdiction to collect and administer the license fee acts as the representative of the State of Nebraska in collecting the royalty. On each tax of one dollar and twenty-five cents, that person must withhold three cents and transfer the balance to the Department of Agriculture. The Department then transfers this balance to the State Treasurer for credit to the Commercial Dog and Cat Operator Inspection Program Treasury Fund. If the person charging the fee is the licensing jurisdiction, the three hundred will be credited to the general fund of the licensing jurisdiction.