Mvd Requirements for Real Id
Nov 23 2022

The Real ID Act of 2005 is a law passed by Congress and signed into law by former President George Bush on May 11, 2005 following the 2001 terrorist attacks. REAL ID validates people`s documents that prove their identity, age and place of residence for security reasons. These REAL IDs follow federal requirements established by the Secretary of Homeland Security to board aircraft, enter federal buildings, military bases, etc. The Arizona Travel ID is the REAL ID compliant ID ID of 2005. It is available both as a driver`s license and as an ID card. A gold star is embedded in the card to indicate that the cardholder has provided additional proof of identity to ensure that the licence or ID meets strict federal requirements. New Mexico has amended documentation requirements for the issuance of driver`s licenses and non-driving licenses to comply with the federal Real Identity Act of 2005. MVD Now can help you get your REAL ID or Standard State ID. When you apply for a New Mexico ID card, you will receive a temporary ID print while your actual ID card is processed and mailed. Your old New Mexico driver`s license or ID card can be used in conjunction with the temporary ID card for up to 45 days from the date of issue. A standard driver`s license is what we now call New Mexico driver`s licenses, which do not meet Real ID requirements. It is simply a change in terms to help us and our customers distinguish between the two types (REAL ID vs non-REAL ID) of driver`s license and state ID that can be issued. At MVD Express, we make it easy for you to obtain a driver`s license or a REAL ID card.

Not only are we available by phone for any questions you may have about REAL ID requirements, but we also offer live wait times and the ability to book appointments in advance so you can hop on and off quickly. Current Arizona Residents: Visit AZ MVD now to pick up your documents and make an appointment for your travel card. Real ID is the abbreviation for the federal REAL ID Act of 2005, passed by Congress in 2005. The legislation establishes minimum security standards for state-issued driver`s licenses and ID cards that can be used for official federal purposes, such as boarding a domestic flight/airliner, entering a federal building or military base, and a nuclear facility. For more information about the REAL ID Act, visit the Department of Homeland Security website. Here are some useful links in case you need a certified copy of a required document: * The name on all your documents must be the same. If you use a name other than the legal name on your identity document (such as a birth certificate or passport), you will need to prove any name changes. If the name you are currently using does not match the name on your ID, you may need to legally change your name or, if you are eligible, apply for a modified birth certificate. As of May 3, 2023, only Arizona Travel ID (driver`s license or ID card), U.S. passport, and other state-approved identification will be accepted at TSA airport security checkpoints for domestic travel. To obtain a New Mexico REAL ID card, you will need (1) proof of identity, (1) proof of identity and age, and (2) proof of residency.

Please note that all documents must include your current legal name*. Those who do not have the required residency documents must complete an affidavit to Arizona residency and provide additional proof of residency. The state`s MVD considers a middle name to be part of a legal name on a REAL ID. However, a middle name may be indicated, omitted or abbreviated on the New Mexico ID number and residency documents if the identity is not questioned (for example, Jerry Paul Valdez is Jerry P. Valdez is Jerry Valdez / Jerry G. Valdez is NOT Jerry Paul Valdez) The state does not allow us to accept a document in a language other than English without a complete and complete translation certified by a translator and notarized. Documents that are not written in English must be submitted with written translations of these documents into English. The translation must be certified by the translator as a complete and complete translation of the document.

If a birth certificate is used as proof of legal identity and age and your name has been changed to your current legal name, you must also provide one of the following documents documenting this name change: Yes, if you intend to use your driver`s licence or identification card for official federal purposes. Note: International travel rules remain unchanged and a valid passport or equivalent is required for travel outside the United States. All MVD Express locations are eligible to issue REAL ID driver`s licenses or government ID cards. For a list of locations or to make an appointment, click here. You need a variety of different documents to get your REAL ID. The list of documents accepted for the REAL ID is as follows: You don`t have to. Your New Mexico driver`s license runs through May 2023. When renewing, replacing or transferring your driving licence; You will receive either a REAL ID card or a standard/non-compliant card. Yes! If you intend to use your driver`s license or ID card to board a domestic flight/airliner, enter a federal building or military base, or enter a nuclear facility, you will need a form of identification that complies with REAL ID. No Arizona driver`s license or ID: Visit an authorized third-party MVD office or driver`s license center with the required documentation, or make an appointment on the ADOT website. Visit and select “MVD Processing Center” from the drop-down menu.

We know that gathering all the necessary documents to get a REAL ID can be difficult, but we`re here to make REAL ID easy. MVD Express has a dedicated call center with REAL ID experts available to answer all your questions and check if your documents are accepted. You will need a marriage certificate or divorce decree if you were married or divorced and changed your name from yours at birth. If you are unsure, bring your identification documents and name change documents to your local MVD Express or call us at 505-226-9333. A legitimate/legal name is the name that a person uses for official purposes. The name on your New Mexico driver`s license or ID card must be your legal name. Note: If you cannot provide proof of legal status, you will need a standard ID instead of an actual ID. The P.O. Box is not a valid address as proof of residence.

Three categories of identification documents are required. All documents must be originals or certified true copies in English, certified by the issuing body. New Mexico offers two driver`s licenses and identification options: REAL ID or Standard ID. So you can get a license or standard ID instead. Driver`s licenses and REAL ID cards are the result of the REAL ID Act of 2005. This law was created after the 9/11 attacks to increase security and prevent identity theft and fraud in the United States. As a result, REAL ID cards require more documentation than standard driver`s licenses and other pieces of identification to protect your identity and make sure you are who you say you are. If you want to get your REAL ID card or standard ID card, join MVD Now today. Call your MVD experts at 505-341-2MVD or visit one of our 7 MVD Now locations if you have any questions about the MVD ID card process.

Our MVD specialists will be happy to help you! We are here to answer all your questions and help you make “One Quick Trip”. Contact us today! Keep in mind that the standard driver`s license or ID card can be used as a valid driver`s license or form of identification in New Mexico and as of October 2021, it is NOT acceptable for federal purposes (boarding a domestic flight/airliner, entering a federal building or military base, and entering a nuclear facility). Note: Documents must be originals or certified true copies. Paperless billing copies are accepted. Photocopies, notarized photocopies and uncertified copies will NOT be accepted. Appointments are available for all MVD services, including Travel ID, roadside exams, and driver`s license renewals. The instructions above also apply if you want to renew your current standard New Mexico ID card and switch to an actual ID card. If you do not wish to switch to a REAL ID card, you do not need to bring any documents. Just make sure your default ID hasn`t expired in more than 1 year. If the name on your birth certificate is misspelled, misspelled (Jane Mary Doe vs. Mary Jane Doe), or another version (Jose vs.

Joe), you may need a modified birth certificate. You can request a name correction from the vital statistics office of the state or tribe in which you were born or registered. You may need to apply to the court for a legal name change if the required documents do not clearly reflect the change from one name to another.