Mobile Legends Rules and Regulations
Nov 23 2022

In general, it is best to keep policies as simple as possible and not to introduce too many rules. A growing wiki can usually work well with a few simple guidelines, rules, and a lot of goodwill and collaboration. As long as the rules and guidelines are well understood by users, the wiki will remain peaceful and organized. That is why we have rules. Violations will result in penalties depending on the severity of the violation, as well as previous agreements. C. The mobile app to use is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (developer: Moonton). H. Teams that do not comply with this Code of Conduct will be immediately disqualified. F. Teams are advised to be modest and strict with each other in applying these rules for the smooth running of the tournament.

Below are the official rules and regulations for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Diamond Challenge series, which apply to all registered and invited teams. The following rules and regulations do not limit the level of competition and play. In the event that the teams in the regular season standings are tied based on their overall points score, the tie will be reversed according to the following rules. These rules are used in the order specified in this document: Do not use two words when one is enough. If you keep your writing simple, it will be easy to understand and easy to develop. Use full sentences whenever possible. When writing, use grammar as a toolbox: know the rules, but only break them intentionally. E. End of match – The first team to destroy the opposing team`s base, the first team to drop, lose or disqualify teams that do not respect the rules. Feel free to discuss the rules on the talk page.

If teams are still tied according to the win-loss ratio metric of the season`s games, they move to the win-loss ratio. D. Groups are separate and depend on the number of teams they have. The trivia section is for PROVEN FACTS ACTUALLY RELEVANT related to the article itself. These anecdotes should be obtained for the majority, some species of trivia are not allowed in the wiki and will be deleted. For example: in the most optimal situation, all the problems that the players face must be solved during the established preparation time. The game must be launched at the scheduled time. The match can be postponed if MDC officials deem it necessary. If the reason for the delay is due to the fault of the player, MDC officials reserve the right to punish the player or team accordingly. G. Any dispute can be addressed to the tournament administrators via email, WhatsApp or phone call.

The winner of the singles elimination round will be ranked 3rd and the team they defeated will be ranked best commentator/analyst. At the end of the season, the MPL Operating Committee selects the best English-speaking presenter/analyst and awards a $500.00 bonus. E. Accepting a deliberate defeat is also considered a disqualification if the organizers learn of it. 1 Marshal will be present in the official game as an observer to interrupt the game if necessary. J: In the event of a technical difficulty that causes MDC officials to declare a restart, the MDC official may instead assign the following: The team with the highest percentage winning average receives the bye 10 minutes late: Disqualified from the game (Free victory for the opponent) Draws for Tier 1 are not included here. A special exception is made for all draws with 3rd place, as it has a very big advantage in the playoff format. In this case, a Bo1 is required. Full sweeps (2-0) count as 3 games won, along with the 3-point mechanics of the MPL points system. G. If a player logs out during a Top 8 game organized by the admins, they can ask an MDC manager to pause the game so that the player can log in again.

The maximum break time for a shift is 5 minutes. Marshals have the right to extend the deadline. Players can prepare after registration. However, players must enter the lobby for the agreed time. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Wiki is not primarily for experts; Therefore, the level of technical detail of its articles must be weighed against the ability of non-experts to understand these details. B. Players must be able to commit to the time/schedule specified on the tournament platform and must not agree on a time for which both teams are suitable. The content of this wiki is expressed in English. This is an English wiki and all changes must be made in English. This includes articles, forum posts, blogs, and talk pages. Playoff Awards. During the playoffs at the end of the division, teams will have the opportunity to win cash prizes based on their performance, as described below.

The select/ban order follows the default order defined in the set. For matches where no referee is present, it is the player`s responsibility to ensure that their data connection is good. Split (aka season). There will be [2] splits (i.e. seasons) each year. Each division consists of two phases: In the case of tied teams, their game records will compete to determine the tiebreaker mechanism. D. Team betting is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. All top 8 teams go through the draw process to determine their picks and locks.

The referee/marshall will ensure that both teams are ready to enter the selection/ban phase after players from both teams have entered the lobby of the game. Once both teams are ready, the referee informs the lobby administrator in the game to start the match. *THESE PENALTIES APPLY TO THE ORGANIZATION THAT MANAGES THE PLAYERS AND TO THE PLAYERS THEMSELVES. TEAMS THAT POSSESS THIS PLAYER WILL FOLLOW THE RULES GIVEN HERE AND CANNOT ATTEMPT TO SHORTEN/BAN THE PUNISHMENT OF THIS PLAYER, THE MANAGEMENT THAT DIRECTLY MANAGES THE PLAYERS WILL NOT BE EXCLUDED FROM THE LIST IF IT HAS RECRUITED NEW PLAYERS FOR THE TEAM. NEW PLAYERS WILL SUFFER THE SAME CONSEQUENCES IF THEY JOIN THE BANNED ORGANIZATION* If a problem occurs while loading the game due to an error, disconnection, or other error, and a player does not participate in the game after the game has started, the game must be paused until all 10 players are logged into the game (this applies only to hosted games). During the regular season, each team will receive a reward of $170.00 for each game they play (game allowance). In addition, teams will have the opportunity to win cash prizes based on their performance in each BO3 game. The total prize for each BO3 match is $900.00, according to the following formula: 1.

If a team wins the game 2-0, the winning team receives $900.00, while the loser receives $0.00; 2. If a team wins the game 2-1, the winning team receives $600.00 and the losing team $300.00. Players must behave appropriately during the tournament period when interacting with administrators or other players. Evidence must be provided for all allegations/reports (e.g. opposing team loses its match – a screenshot of the conversation must be attached) so that stewards can determine readability. 7 Penalties for non-compliance with the Annex. Teams will be penalized in this order: 15-minute delay: Disqualified from the game (free victory for the opponent) Failure to notify administrators in case of emergency (not participating) or change of player / Change of team name / Change of logo: 1. Warning Team changes: The team loses the selection priority for the entire D tournament. Team names/player names perceived as offensive/vulgar will not be tolerated by the organizers and a request for a name change is allowed during and before the competition, teams that do not comply will be immediately disqualified.

Although this is not a rule, consult the style guide before changing it. MDC officials provide technical support during the Games they organize to resolve any issues that arise. Team 2 will break the tie as they deserved 4 points against Team 1, which only got one player misconduct point: 1. Player Misconduct Warning: The team loses selection priority for the entire tournament/loss of loss. Examples of player misconduct: being rude/inappropriate/using vulgar words when it comes to tournaments. Sending incorrect match results. There is no evidence that opponents lost their games. Certain issues may be discussed with the Administrator in the event of relevant cases that we may reject based on discussion and evidence of this issue.

THESE PENALTIES ARE FOR THE ORGANIZATION THAT MANAGES THE PLAYERS AND THE PLAYERS THEMSELVES. TEAMS THAT POSSESS THIS PLAYER WILL FOLLOW THE RULES GIVEN HERE AND CANNOT ATTEMPT TO SHORTEN/BAN THE PUNISHMENT OF THIS PLAYER, THE MANAGEMENT THAT DIRECTLY MANAGES THE PLAYERS WILL NOT BE EXCLUDED FROM THE LIST IF IT HAS RECRUITED NEW PLAYERS FOR THE TEAM. NEW PLAYERS WILL SUFFER THE SAME CONSEQUENCES IF THEY JOIN THE BANNED ORGANIZATION. The teams drawn at random are placed in a knockout Group A. As explained in the section above, players/teams must be responsible for each member`s actions. Any member of a team who violates the player`s conduct will be disqualified from participating in any other qualification and the ongoing qualifying tournament in which the teams participate. Teams are ranked based on their average winning percentage against other teams that qualify for the playoffs outside of their tiebreaker game (including teams that finished the regular season in a playoff spot). The loser of the first game is ranked among the three.

The two teams that were originally defeated in the first round of the knockout round now occupy 5th place. There is no significance in the playoff format for these rankings. No additional Bo1 is required. Please visit the official MPL website for the full date and time. Draw teams are simply reclassified based on the team that has the most match wins/highest match win percentages throughout the season.