Midland Mortgage Legal Department
Nov 23 2022

At Midland States Bank, we make it easy for you to get a mortgage. Whether you want to buy your first home or refinance the loan for your current home, our mortgage experts can help. Reach the next stage of your life with a mortgage from Midland States Bank. Adjust your mortgage terms to reduce your monthly payments or pay off your loan faster. You`ll need mortgage insurance if you take out a traditional loan and your down payment is less than 20%. You`ll also need it if you get an FHA loan. Midland States Bank is a financial services company specializing in mortgage lending. We have offices in Illinois and Missouri. You benefit from our mortgage expertise and exceptional service. Take advantage of our resources for home buyers to keep more money in your pocket while getting the home of your dreams. In general, you should refinance your mortgage if it saves you money or helps you pay for major expenses at home. The mortgage that`s right for you depends on your financial situation and personal goals.

Midland States Bank`s mortgage experts can help you find the best solution. Help make home ownership more affordable in rural areas. With our digital mortgage, you can easily apply in minutes on your mobile device or computer. The chat app guides you through the process and it`s easy to upload documents, so you don`t have to go to the bank. We will prequalify you quickly and complete your loan faster than most other lenders. If you have questions about buying a home, we`re here to help. Check out other frequently asked questions from homebuyers to help you on your homeownership journey. Simply apply online in minutes with our digital mortgage application Pay for home renovations and other major expenses using the equity in your home. Get a lower interest rate or change the term of your FHA or VA loan.