How to Start Investment in the Share Market?


Any decision that involves money is a hard one, and when it comes to investing your money, that decision is even harder. Almost each and every one of us has thought of putting our savings into good use. Some of us crossed that bridge, and some are still waiting at the crossover. Taking a decision to invest your money is a crucial one, and as you are reading this article, we believe you are thinking seriously about it and that is appreciable. Even though there are many baskets you can put your eggs on but today we will be focusing on how to start investing in the share market. Without proper guidance and correct approach, many end up barking up the wrong tree when it comes to making investments in the share market. However, a planned and measured approach will decide whether you break a leg or break the bank in your journey as an investor in the share market.

Let’s cut to the chase and get started with knowing how to start investing in the share market.

Plan Your Financial

Financial planning is a continuous process that can reduce your financial burden, meet your immediate needs, and help you prepare for long-term goals such as retirement. Financial planning is critical because it helps you to optimize your assets while still ensuring that you achieve your long-term objectives. It’s not that easy as it sounds. Even if you are just starting out and have a small amount of money, you can invest. It’s more difficult than just choosing the right investment, and as a new investor, you must be mindful of the limitations you face.

For example: Assume you made a taka 20,000 investment in XYZ Corp in 2019 and sold the shares for taka 25,000 a year later, Divide the net income (25,000 – 20,000 = 5,000) by the investment expense (taka 20,000) to get an ROI of 5,000/20,000, or 25%. This is one of the primary objectives for your Investment in the share market journey.

Set Objectives

If you start investing without a goal in mind, the chances of achieving the desired result are extremely low, while the chances of failing to achieve the desired point are much higher. Goals can be everything you want to accomplish with the aid of stock market investing. Proper planning is needed to make successful investments. This planning must take into account all of the short- and long-term objectives that must be met, as well as the goals, timeline, and risk tolerance. You should set short-term objectives that lead to long-term goals. Set objectives related to what is the long-term goal. To become a long-term investor or a short-term trader. So you better set your goals wisely if you’re planning to enter the stock market world.

Specify Company/Industry

Before investing in the stock market you should properly analyze and study the Industry that you are an expert in. This expertise will actually help you to make decisions on whether you should actually invest in the company or not. For example, if you are an automobile enthusiast and you are keeping yourself updated with the latest news and views it will be really easy for you to make investment decisions.

Real-life decisions affect the stock market causing a chain reaction that many people with no knowledge might not be able to withstand. In that case, you should definitely do your study about the company or industry that you are about to invest in. Not all companies can give a good return on investment, therefore it is important to handpick companies. Many industries might be facing many challenges, this has to be considered before investing. The industry has to be specific to ensure the investment is safe.

Select a Good Broker House

Now that you are interested to invest in the stock market you need a broker house.  A broker house is an organization that helps you on your journey in the stock market by providing you with guidance on your journey as an investor. They provide assistance in your journey and they always try to recommend the best for you. You may have enough money but lack the trading skills to invest it in the appropriate places and at the appropriate times.

As a result, these brokers, also known as “financial advisers” provide you with reliable information and guidance. There has never been a better way to grow your wealth in the long run than by investing in the stock market. However, choosing the wrong broker will significantly reduce your investment returns. An Investor’s identity is reflected by his/her portfolio. A good broker house with an adequate knowledge base will create learning opportunities. They are focused on the well-being of the client. They take measures to provide clients with all the necessary information.

Get a Basic Understanding of the Share Market

Before investing in the market you must have a basic understanding of how it works.  It’s quite impossible to understand how the market works right away without facing any ups and downs. But once you get the hang of it you can take measures and decisions quite easily. Then you can actually forecast your Investments and make the proper decision. Your future protection and security are contingent on your willingness to invest. Investing in plain old financial instruments, on the other hand, does not seem to be sufficient to mitigate the effects of inflation. To get more out of your money, the stock market provides a lucrative opportunity to buy and sell securities such as stocks and bonds. You have to have a better, clear, and precise understanding of the market in order to work your way up the ladder. 

Open a BO account

Opening a bank account is the first step of entering the share market.  Beneficiary Owners Account or a BO account is an account that helps you to buy and sell stocks, collect funds, transfer funds, etc. This account helps you to monitor and actually make the purchase or sale of market shares. If you are an investor who actually wants to enter the share market you must have a BO account. BO account holders can invest their shares in the same way they save money in their bank accounts. All stock exchange-traded shares are preserved in electronic form.  Investors have access to a BO account where they can hold their shares. This is like a journal to your daily transaction for the stock market.

Get started as an investor

After following all the steps mentioned above you can finally start a career as an investor. Share market gives you the opportunity to become an investor regardless of your background. A sufficient amount of money, risk-taking skills, forecasting abilities, and the ability to adapt are all attributes that will help you become a better investor. Share market will nurture these qualities in you to create a better version of yourself. From an entry-level role to the establishment of an entrepreneurial company, the sector has the potential to deliver job opportunities.


In the above points, we have discussed the process that one must go through in order to start investing in the share market. If you are someone who is a beginner or intermediate investor these tips will help you for Investment in the share market. One thing that is constant in the share market is change. And if you want to become a successful investor you must have the capability to stay ahead of everyone. So if you’re willing to start your journey as an investor don’t forget to check out our website and if you want to open an online BO account you can click here.

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