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How Royal Capital is Different From Other Broker House
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How Royal Capital is Different From Other Broker House


Broker houses help you to get started on your journey as an investor in the stock market. The success of an investor relies much on the investor himself, but to have a broker house with sound know-how of the dynamic stock market industry is an added advantage. There are many broker houses that an investor can pick and become a member of.

However, there is always a difference between ordinary and extraordinary. It is upon the investor to figure out which broker house is extraordinary among the many ordinary ones. In this article, we will shed light on the credibility of Royal Capital Ltd. and how it is different from the other broker houses of the industry. The objective is not to beat our own drums, but to point out what a good broker house can offer its members to help them the peak of their prosperity and success. 

Satisfied Clientele

The satisfaction of clients is the reflection of the credibility of any organization. We take great pride in saying that our topnotch focus is ensuring the satisfaction of our clients. Since the inception of Royal Capital Limited, the client base is only going in an upward direction. We are increasing nationwide with a growing number of clients regularly. There is a famous saying, “Independence is harder to sustain than achieve” there is a resounding resemblance of the statement when it comes to clients. “Clients are harder to sustain than gain.” Meaning, it is easier to onboard a client, but to ensure the client is actively taking part and sustaining for the long run is not a piece of cake. 

From Royal Capital Limited, we emphasize not only getting new clients but also nurturing the clients to build a long fruitful relationship. To us, clients are just not a number in our quarterly target. Rather it is about fostering a relationship that goes beyond our call of duty. And that’s the extra effort put behind each client separates ordinary from extraordinary. 

Developing a Learning Culture

Learning is not only about knowing new things. Unlearning is also an essential part of learning. In the stock exchange, there are many investors who have been prolific in the market for a long time. For them, learning and adapt to ever-changing technology and processes of work is not a walk in the park. On the other hand, new investors find it very hard to get a good grasp over the stock market easily. When we are dealing with clients from different paradigms, it is hard to offer a common platform to foster their learning. 

To solve this predicament, we came up with different approaches for the best interest of our clients. We launched a training program that will cater to the new and potential investors. This learning program contains elements such as fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and behavioral analysis of the stock market. This is a good learning opportunity for the new members of Royal Capital Limited.  

For the clients who have been in the industry for a long time, we have a different approach to sharing information, news, and updates that will benefit them to make effective decisions easily. We do this as a part of our responsibility to ensure our clients are informed with the most accurate information. 

This is how we draw a line between just another broker house and Royal Capital Limited. We believe our performance is reflected by the decisions our clients are making. Thus, an investment in escalating their aptitude is an investment in amplifying our excellence. 


Ten years ago, if we were to tell you that you will be able to buy and sell stock sitting at your home, applying for a new IPO will take less time than finishing a cup of coffee, you would not have believed our claim. But thanks to technology and our open mildness to adapt to it, all that we mentioned above is now possible. With Royal Capital Limited, an investor can become a member using an online application process. They can apply for a new IPO, check the status, and get results at their fingertips. Our members do not need to stand behind long lines just to deposit and withdraw money from their accounts. They can get this done, in just a few clicks while sitting at their home. 

Easy Fund Requisition 

One of the features of Royal Capital Limited is the easy fund requisition process. With Royal Capital Limited, you can easily set fund requisition. This feature enables our investors to request and transfer funds easily. With our online fund requisition system, fund requisition is only a matter of few clicks with Royal Capital Limited. The easy fund requisition process makes the life of our investors easier. This feature is also quite unique when it comes to the other broker houses. We also aim to bring a variation in the client experience process by making their life easy. 

User-Friendly Experience

The very first and foremost thing about Royal Capital Limited is its user-friendliness. The whole process of opening an account with Royal Capital Limited, buying and selling shares, investing, and withdrawing money is super easy for an average user. We have a very user-friendly website that is easy for anyone to understand. The minimalistic design and easy navigation of the website enable our clients to explore the different updates, news, and knowledge base we share via our website. We are also focused on providing a better offline user experience to our clients. Whether it is during training programs, or providing service through our different offices. Clients are our top priority. 

Awards & Customer Satisfaction

Since we have an established track record, we can confidently claim to be one of Bangladesh’s best brokerage houses. It gives us great pleasure to see how much we’ve progressed in terms of capability and the number of clients we’ve served. Furthermore, because of the sheer excellence of our success, our creation and growth have attracted a lot of attention. We are pleased to announce that Royal Capital has been recognized by Standard Chartered Bank for having the highest BEFTN use for Electronic Fund Transfer.

Apart from that, we have done our utmost to ensure creativity by launching the Royal Touch app to hundreds of thousands of our clients in order to make the process of filing for an IPO and other trade-related services easier for them. In addition, we achieved an A+ rating by Credit Rating Information Service Limited (CRISL), an international rating body. In order to be regarded as one of the best brokerage houses in Bangladesh, we will strive to preserve quality in our future endeavors. The growing number of clients and repeat customers is evidence that our unwavering efforts exceeded their standards.


The stock industry is very challenging. Among a large number of broker houses, it takes a lot of credibilities to sustain and prevail as one of the very best. From Royal Capital, we always strive to ensure we are creating a difference in the industry by adding value to our service and offerings. We are laser-focused on ensuring better service and experience for our clients and amplifying the client base. Our relentless focus on outperforming fellow contemporaries is embedded with the core goal of ensuring excellence in all of our executions. 

Visit our website to know more about us.

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