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Equity Coverage on City Bank PLC.
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Equity Coverage on City Bank PLC.

Equity Coverage on City Bank PLC.

City Bank PLC. (CITYBANK) is a leading private commercial bank of Bangladesh with established leadership in corporate banking and a robust footprint in SME and retail businesses. City Bank is one of the largest bank in Bangladesh in terms of total assets, which stood at BDT 514,912 million, as at the end of 2022 with a CAGR of 13.1% over the past five years. Total loans and advances portfolio recorded a double-digit growth of 23.6% and reached at BDT 356,294 mn as on December 2022 as against BDT 288,316 mn as on December, 2021. City Bank’s total deposits portfolio recorded a commendable growth of 17.6% to BDT 331,886 mn in 2022 from BDT 282,207 mn in 2021.

Sector Wise Credit deployment

The total classified loans of City Bank stood at BDT 13,672 million, the reported NPL was only 3.9% as against the sector average of 10.16% in 2022. NPL ratio decreased by 100 bps from 4.9% of December 2021.

NPL Ratio Movement

ROE of City Bank stood 14.1% at the end of 2022 compared to 16.8% reported at the end of the year 2021. On average, City Bank maintains ROE at 14.1% in the last four years, which is one of the highest among all listed banks.

Closure: Investors will get a comprehensive understanding of City Bank PLC. through the equity coverage, which covers mainly the bank’s operational activities, financial performance and forecasts, capital market performance, and so on. Based on the encyclopedic analysis, it’s presumed to be a good investment for the value investors.

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