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DSE Mobile App Version 2 User Guide
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DSE Mobile App Version 2 User Guide

DSE Mobile App Version 2 User Guide

1. Introduction

Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) has implemented a Centralized Order Management System ‘DSE-FlexTP’ for the TREC holders of the exchange to manage their orders. The introduction of this technology has bring a new dimension of business opportunities in the capital market, and it is exciting to see the exchange embracing state-of-the-art technology to improve trading efficiency. The Mobile App (DSE-Mobile), is to leverage the DSE‐FlexTP architecture to make trading available to investors from mobile device. This is connected investors to the state‐of‐ the‐art technology of trading. DSE‐Mobile is being facilitate to bring new dimension of business opportunities in the capital market.

DSE-Mobile was introduced in March 2016 and has undergone regular updates to meet user needs and ensure compliance with security standards. The latest version, DSE-Mobile v2, was released in April 2023 with advanced feature and utilizes the latest development frameworks to optimize usability and improve the user experience. The DSE-Mobile App provides real time Equities bid/ask quotes, Request for Streaming (RFS) trading capabilities, managing and monitoring resting orders in a secure mode, in synchronization with a Web HTML5 app for dealers at office. DSE-Mobile is a native mobile application for iOS and Android phones.

1.1. Features

Main features available in DSE-Mobile are:

  • Real time market information and indicative bid/ask prices;
  • Intuitive navigation menu;
  • Customized favorite lists;
  • Securities Listed in Different Indices (DSEX, DS30, DSMEX and ATBX);
  • Historical and intraday Charts with technical indicators;
  • Placement of instant orders via PODs;
  • Placement of single leg LIMIT resting orders;
  • Portfolio management with Real‐time P&L;
  • Tracking of executions;
  • Order Blotter Filters;

  • Biometric Authentication;
  • Self-password reset and device un-register;

DSE‐FlexTP System Information in this manual is general in nature. We recommend to seek independent financial advice and ensure you fully understand the risks involved before trading.

2. Getting Started

2.1. Accessibility of DSE-Mobile

Three different accessibility in DSE‐Mobile

  • DSE‐Mobile VIP – Allows you to be aware of your portfolio and favorites without efforts, keep in touch with professional trader to get high‐end services. Trader will professionally manage best execution of your orders.
  • DSE‐Mobile Trader – Allows you to be aware of your portfolio and favorites without efforts, keep in touch with professional trader to get high‐end services while availing ability to manage orders yourself.
  • DSE‐Mobile Biz Owner – Allows business owner to be aware of activities of their broking business status. This is only for dealer account (Type D) of TREC holder.

The DSE-Investor is another platform allows trading available to investors from any web browser (Mobile, PC, Laptop, Tab etc.). You will get features in DSE-Mobile app based on access rights set by the TRECs (Broker).

2.2. Install DSE-Mobile App

Device Compatibility – Minimum requirements to use the DSE‐Mobile:

  • Android Device: Minimum version of Android is 11 to get optimum features and all functionalities of DSE-Mobile. But user can install the App on Android 8.1 or later version subject to support by the Google Play.
  • iOS Device: Minimum version of iOS is 13 to get optimum features and all functionalities of DSE-Mobile. But user can install the App on iOS 12 subject to support by the Apple App Store.
  • Phone viewport size (screen resolution): over 350px
  • Internet data connectivity: 4G or Wi‐Fi

Tips: To get optimum performance of real-time market information, you should ensure good quality of internet connection or network connectivity.

2.3. Access to DSE‐Mobile:

Contact your TRECs (Broker) for registration and subscription for your desired DSE Mobility product.

  • Once your login has been created by your TREC (Broker), you will receive your credentials (login/password) by email (VIP, Trader and Biz Owner features are hosted on the same app)
  • Click on the download link of the email, or search for “DSE Mobile” in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store
  • Select the app and click on “Install”

TIPS: The app might prompt you to update it from time to time, although in most cases your phone will update it automatically. This is to ensure that you access all the latest features that are published.

2.4. Logging in

  • Click on the DSE-Mobile icon installed onto your device Home screen.

    Login and password are provided by your TREC through email.
    Please contact your TREC IT desk for blocked access.
    Click on “Forgot Password” to reset your password.
2.4 - Logging In Page

3. Overview

Once you logged in, the landing page is as follows:

3. overview

3.1. Quick Description

3.1 navpan

The NAVPAN or navigation panel placed at the bottom of the app allows navigation between all pages and access to filtering functions. It starts with the home button opening the Watchlists updated in real time.

3.1 home

Access real time quotes on predefined lists and your customized favorites. Place instant orders using the PODVIEW.

3.1 account

Access your Portfolio, Account details, Credit Limits, Customize preference in the App (Setting), or check the executions history.

3.1 order blotter

Access to your Order Blotter. The Order Blotter provides real time overview of orders placed, both originated from the mobile or desktop app.

3.1 alert notification

Go to this notification page to check your last trade executions.

3.1 search filter

Click on this icon to search for an instrument or apply filters on orders.

4. Home

This is the default landing page providing market overview. It allows real-time bid/ask market monitoring and fast order placement. You can configure/customize up to 3 FAV favorite lists of instruments.

4.1. Consulting Watchlists

Fast access is key to any winning strategy. The HOME screen is a highly customizable quoting dashboard to suit your preferences. It brings you to the Default Watchlist – Majors. You can change it using the RIBBON menu. It will display the Real-time bid/ask quotes for the selected list of your choice.

4.1 ribbon
Figure - The Ribbon

Use this top RIBBON to select other watchlists and/or change views:

  • Left side opens the MENU of available lists.
  • Right side opens the different VIEWS.
4.1 ribbon view

Click to switch from DS30 to DSEX, ATBX, DSMEX or to your Personal 3 lists of FAV, or to your ALERTS.

4.2. Switching views

You can also change the columns applied to your selected list, by clicking on the right side of the RIBBON.

4.2 switching view

4.3. Indicative vs RFS tradeable price

4.3 POD

By default, MOGO is displaying indicative Bid & Ask quotes on all watchlists.

Switch to the PODVIEW from the right side of the RIBBON, then select the instrument you want to trade on to activate a tradeable bid & ask price, valid for 20 seconds. Go the Trade section for more details.


4.4. Searching for an Instrument

4.4 Search Instrument

4.5. Manage your Favorite’s Lists

4.5 favorite list

TIPS: Your 3 personal watchlists are synchronized with the web desktop app accessible at the office. From that desktop you can also administrate your Favorite lists easily by transforming a composite list into a FAV.

4.6. From Home to Instrument details

4.6 Instrument details
4.6 tilt your phone
Tilt your device horizontally to display the chart in full screen.
4.6 fullscreen

4.7. Contextual menu and Dual screen mode

4.7 contextual
4.7 dual screen

5. Trade

5.1. One-click Instant Trading

From the Home page or from the instrument details, you can tradeable price valid for 20 seconds. Once the POD is activated, you can trade in one-click.

5.1 instant trade

5.2. Trading Popup Notifications

5.2 pop up

5.3. Set your Default Trading Quantity

Shortcut buttons are available to set the DEFAULT QUANTITY (DQTY) that will be used by default to trade instantly from the watchlists of your HOME and in the PODVIEW.

5.3 default trading quantity

This DQTY and its button shortcuts are also accessible from the POD of the Instrument details.

5.3 odd

5.4. Unlocking the POD to trade

5.4 pod to trade

5.5. Place Resting orders

From the HOME page, in the B/A view, tap on a price to open a Limit order ticket.

1-Open a Limit ticket from the HOME Watchlist.

5.5 resting orders

2-Fill-out the details by just tapping on the buttons. No keyboard needed!

5.5 order placement

3-Confirm and send your order

5.5 confirm your order

4-Monitor your order in the Order Blotter

5.5 monitor your order

5- Enter a specific quantity or price with the keyboard

5.5 quantity or price

6. The Trade Blotter

6.1. Trade Blotter Overview

The Trade Blotter is a table that provides different views to monitor your orders: View all orders, cancel, modify natural orders, and Activate/deactivate unsolicited orders.

6.1 trade blotter

6.2. Advanced filtering and search

Tap on the search lens from the NAVPAN to open the advanced search and filtering menu.


7. 6. Account and Settings

7.1. Portfolio

In the Account page, you can check the positions opened during the day and review your back-office operations such as cash withdrawal or cash deposit.

7.1 portfolio view

P&L view
Within the Portfolio Menu, you can also display the P&L of your positions opened intraday and check the credit details if your account is entitled with margin trading for example.

7.2. Execution History

7.2 execution history

7.3. Edit settings and Quantity shortcut buttons

From Ribbon of the account page, go to the settings menu to edit your settings and save your preferred homepage.

7.3 edit and save

7.4. Credit Limit

Go to the account page – tap Credit Limit to see your cash balance

7.4 credit limit

7.5. Log Out

Go to the account page – tap Log Out.

7.5 log out

8. Self Service

8.1. Password Reset

You can reset the password in any case. Following is the steps:

  1. On the login screen, tap on the “forgot Password” then type User ID and tap to the “Reset Password”.
8.1 password reset
  1. An email will send your registered email with password reset link. This email is valid for one hour. Clicking on the “Reset your password” link and a new page will open
  1. Type New Password and New Confirm Password (both must be same. You should follow the password policy to set new password.
8.1 password reset 2
Moreover, you can also request your TRECs (Broker)IT officer to reset your password.

8.2. Device Unregister

It’s need to unregister the device in following cases:

  • Reinstall the DSE-Mobile app;
  • Changing the Mobile device;
  • Cleared the cache for DSE-Mobile App;

You can unregister the device by following steps:

  1. In login screen, put login Id and Password. Tap on the Connect, it will prompt “Two-Factor Authentication” and tap Unregister.
8.2 device unregister
  1. An email will send your registered email with the link “Un-register your device”. This email is valid for one hour.
8.2 device unregister 2
  1. Clicking on the link “Un-register your device” from email. A new page will open and type User ID and password, click unregister
8.2 device unregister 3
  1. Open the DSE-Mobile and login.

Moreover, you can also request your TRECs (Broker)IT officer to unregister the device.

9. Technical Issues

For any technical issue please contact your TRECs (Broker)IT officer. You may report any to DSE through the Facebook page https://web.facebook.com/DSEMobileInvestor/

For any clarification on trading functions, portfolio data and other business terms, please contact your trader.

We have created a detailed video on how to use the new version of DSE App. You can easily get all the functions and how to use them from the DSE App V2 by watching this video.

Special courtesy to Dhaka Stock Exchange

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