Royal Capital Portal

Royal Capital Portal – Sector Page

Sectors page of the Royal Capital Portal displays the fundamental, technical, and trade information of each sector and all its industries. To observe this information, one has to select a sector and a particular industry under that sector at the very beginning from the drop-down menu of this page. After the selection, the page displays[…]

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Royal Capital Portal – Securities Page

This page of the Royal Capital Portal displays the trade information of listed securities of the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE). Hence, the source of this data is DSE. On this page, the live information regarding the listed securities (bond, mutual fund, equity, etc.) of all the listed companies is presented in a tabular format. The[…]

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Royal Capital Portal – Company Page

In the Royal Capital Portal, one can look for a particular company’s data or any particular security in three ways. Firstly, one can directly browse for that data using the search box on the home page of the portal. Then, one can find that data by clicking on the trade code of the particular company[…]

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Royal Capital Portal – Market Page

A portal is a web-based platform that gathers data from various sources into a single user interface and displays it to users in the most effective manner for their context. Over the years, Simple web portals have developed into portal platforms that serve digital customer experience objectives. Royal Capital Limited, one of the leading brokerage[…]

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