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RIL Company Analysis -SUMITPOWER

Summit Power Limited (SPL) is a subsidiary of Summit Group which is the largest infrastructure conglomerate of Bangladesh. SPL owns and operates 15 power plants in different locations across Bangladesh. The market capitalization of Summit Power is almost 51.26B which is almost 0.9% of the total market capitalization of the broad index of the Dhaka[…]

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How to Combine Technical and Fundamental analysis

Technical and fundamental analysis are two different ways of studying movements in financial markets. Each type of analysis looks at quotes from different points of view and this determines how traders anticipate the market. However, it is possible to use elements from each of these studies to complement an effective trading strategy, so we will see how to[…]

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RIL Company Analysis – MJLBD

Mobile Jamuna Ltd. Bangladesh – Equity Research Report MJLBD is a company that is cooperatively owned by Jamuna Oil Company, a subsidiary of government-owned Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation, and EC Securities Limited, a subsidiary of East Coast Group. The lubricants industry size in Bangladesh is around BDT. 70 Billion. It is expected to grow with an[…]

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Jun 17 2021

RIL Company Analysis – British American Tobacco Bangladesh (BATBC)

British American Tobacco Bangladesh is one of the leading multinational companies that is operating in Bangladesh. It has been doing almost a monopoly business in Bangladesh holding a market share of 66.6%. From its inception 111 years ago, BATBC has been committed to being a partner in the country’s sustainable development. It has been the[…]

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RIL Company Analysis – Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Square Pharma is the largest pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh. It is one of the trusted names in the pharmaceutical sector. It holds around 17% market share of the pharmaceutical industry and 3.8% market capitalization of the broad index of the Dhaka Stock Exchange. It recorded a revenue of BDT 45.9B in 2020. The revenue of[…]

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