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RIL Company Analysis on Walton Hi-Tech Industries PLC

Walton Hi-Tech Industries PLC, brought the revolution in Bangladeshi Electrical & Electronic industry. The company is easily delivering their readily available products to households in Bangladesh.

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RIL Company Analysis – RENATA

The pharmaceuticals sector as a whole has great potential ahead given the country’s population of 16 crores and the high economic growth. It is expected to have an annual growth rate of more than 12% during the next few years. Bangladesh’s per capita healthcare spending is nearer the bottom of the list among the Asian[…]

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Dec 05 2021

RIL Company Analysis – GPHISPAT

Metals have been one of the core drivers of industrialization. Among metals, steel has historically held a dominant position. As raw material and intermediate products, the production and consumption of steel are widely regarded as indicators of economic progress. Thus, it would not be an overstatement to say that the steel industry has always been[…]

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How to use Moving Average in trading

The moving average is one of the most popular and widely used trading indicators used by traders and technical analysts to identify the direction of the trend. Moving average generally sums up many data points of a financial asset over a time period and divides the total value by the number of data points. As[…]

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RIL Company Analysis – BSRMLTD

Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Limited (BSRMLTD) is the oldest steel re-rolling mill in Bangladesh. They began their journey with four manual rolling mills in 1952 as the first-ever steel mill in Bangladesh. Today, Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Limited (BSRMLTD) is the largest merchant steel re-rolling mill in Bangladesh.   BSRMLTD is capable of producing high-quality[…]

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