5 Signs of Best Trading Platform

Trading can be done by anyone and everyone, but there is a difference between trading and effective trading. In a country like Bangladesh, the majority of the traders in the stock market are individuals. Hence, there is a massive need of more financial literacy among the traders. This is why it is important to understand which trading platform is best. There are few signs of the best trading platform, encompassing those signs will make a brokerage house stand out from the rest. In this article, we will walk through the individuals on their quest of finding the best trading platform in Bangladesh. These signs are indicators of the best trading platform.

So if you are planning to start trading in Dhaka Stock Exchange or Chittagong Stock Exchange, you need to find a suitable trading platform for yourself. In the following, we will focus on the five signs of the best trading platform.


The quality and quantity of clients will determine the quality of a trading platform. A good quality trading platform will have quality clients with them. Along with that, the number of clients they are working with will also indicate to the efficiency of the trading platform. So the first sign of the best trading platform is the client base they have. We at Royal Capital has a growing number of client that is increasing day by day. However, if the organization is relatively new, then there are possibilities that the number of clients can be less. But that does not indicate the trading platform is not good; in that case, focus on the quality of clients to understand the pulse of the trading platform.

The reason clients are a sign of a quality trading platform because it indicates results. If the trading platform is unable to bring any results, then the clients will not stick around with that particular training platform. As a result, looking at the number of clients give an idea about the ongoing performance of the trading platform. The best trading platform will always have a rising number of clients. The number of satisfied clients will be increasing day by day if the organization is doing well. This is why it is essential to look at the number of clients to check the quality of a trading platform.

So to analyze any trading platform, consider the number of clients they have and the relative quality of the clients. This will determine the remaining signs or indicators of a good trading platform.

Knowledge Base:

Can you trust a ship without an expert sailor? Probably no. In the case of trading platforms, the knowledge base is an essential element. If the trading platforms does not have the necessary knowledge base, then they will not be able to meet the requirements of the clients. Along with that, they will not be able to keep the client updated about recent changes and insights into the market. Staying updated with recent trends and insights is very important irrespective of the size of the client. So, to determine if a trading platform is good enough or not, we need to look at the knowledge base of that particular trading platform. If they have a good knowledge base and constantly updates the clients with insights and information, then we can consider that platform to be one of the best trading platforms.

The reason the knowledge base is an important factor because this is the age of information. More information means more power. So a trading platform with good knowledge base will be able to guide the clients to the right direction. Thus it is important for trading platforms to be well versed with the recent updates as well as information that will benefit the client.

So, when you look for the best trading platform, analyse how the organization’s knowledge base is. Also, ensure they share the relevant information with the clients to keep them ahead and updated.


Services is another important factor in determining the best trading platform. The variation of the services will indicate the capacity of the organization. If they have a wide array of services to offer, it can be deemed as a good quality trading platform. However, it is also important to analyse the quality of the services. In order to do that, you can collect more service details, compare it with other service providers, and ask around existing customers and experts to get a comprehensive idea about the services the organization is offering. Along with that cross check if the services they are providing matches with your need and requirement or not. This will help you to narrow down and find the best trading platform easily.

The reason for enlisting services as a sign of the best trading platform is to focus on the capacity of the organization. The diversification and value addition of the services will determine how good the organization can perform and offer its clients. As a result, we have listed services provided by the organization as a sign for determining the quality of the best trading platform. Best trading platforms should offer diversified services with the objective of value addition to its clients. If so, then the services can be considered as one of the signs of the best trading platform.

When you look for the best trading platform, ensure it has all the necessary services that you are looking for. Also look at the service details and compare if it matches with the industry standard. If everything is okay, then you can consider the platform to be one of the very best trading platforms that has top-notch service.

Track Record

Track record of an organization will indicate how long it has been in the market and how it performed. For a trading platform, it is important to have relevant experience and expertise. The track record of the organization will indicate to the numbers of years, the number of clients, amount of IPO application completed, amount of institutional buyers, branches, numbers of employees, active clients and more. These numbers from the track record will indicate how good the organization is doing in terms of adding value to their clients. From this data you will get an insight about the capability of the brokerage house too.

There are many things too look at within a track record to identify the best trading platform. The overall combination of these indicators will point to the performance and possibility of the trading platform. From the overall analysis of the track record you can get an idea about how the organization will perform down the line.

The reason for enlisting track record as a sign of best trading platform is because number talks. The numbers determine the current situation of the organization. Best trading platforms will always good numbers to back them up.


The world is constantly changing. To cope up with the changing environment of the world, it is important to keep innovating. With innovation it is possible to add value and improve from the current state of the organization. For a trading platform, innovation is a key feature. With innovation, it is possible to get more insights and information that will add value to the clients. Along with that, you can create new opportunities and scope that will cater to the overall development of the organization. Innovation can increase the overall quality of the organization. A trading platform with focus on innovation will be able to develop continuously and offer value to the clients.

Innovation within a trading platform can add value to research & development, training, infrastructure, business process, customer service and the knowledge base of the organization. These will make any platform a best trading platform if innovation is applied in the right way, on the right area.

So, when you are looking for signs of best trading platform, innovation should make it to the list. To measure innovation in any organization, have a look at the innovative practice they are implementing to harness improvement. If a trading platform has good practice of innovation, then it is an advantage. Innovation is most likely to ensure the organization will do well in the long run.

These are the overall signs of best trading platform. A blend of the right signs will ensure a trading platform will do great and can be deemed as one of the best trading platforms. It is very likely that all the trading platforms might not have all the necessary signs, but they should at least have the majorities of these signs to be considered as best trading platform.

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