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Best Brokerage House in Bangladesh
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Best Brokerage House in Bangladesh


To become the best brokerage house in Bangladesh, it is essential to ensure honesty and sincerity of purpose. We from Royal Capital with 25 years of retail broking experience always put our client’s interests first. We keep on trying to become the best brokerage house in Bangladesh through robust strategies and continuous development. If we are not already the best brokerage house in Bangladesh but indeed our tenacity and laser focus on quality will give us the stature of the best brokerage house in Bangladesh real soon.

Becoming the Best Brokerage House in Bangladesh

Becoming the best brokerage house in Bangladesh is a long continuous journey. With our current capacity, resource and client base, we believe we are not far from that. In the following, we will shed light on some of our core competencies that we believe will be the building blocks of becoming the best brokerage house in Bangladesh.


Our Journey till Date

We started our journey back in 1996 with only a 150 sft office space in Chittagong and currently. Currently we are operating in 15 business locations and eight cities around Bangladesh. With a diversified client base belonging to different walks of life, we aim to nurture and grow our client base even more. We are currently proudly serving retail customers, individuals with high net worth, mutual funds, financial institutions, foreign investors, and corporations. Our continuous effort to add value to our clients has made one of the best retail brokerage houses in Bangladesh.

With a growing number of clients backed with innovation and data driven decision making, we are laser focus on becoming the best brokerage house in Bangladesh. As of now, we are a debt free equity financed company, with a net worth of 55 crore taka with a CAGR of 21% since its inception, we are rated “A+” by CRISL which is a world-renowned rating company. These are the indicators of the level of trust we have gained from our valued client base.


Data Driven Decision

In the age of information, it is essential to take heed of the signals the information is sending and based on that, formulate our strategies. As we deal with the trust and finances of our clients, we do not have any margin of error. To be the best brokerage house in Bangladesh we need to take decisions that are effective and efficient. And there is no alternative to data driven decision making. We believe the journey to becoming the best brokerage house of Bangladesh will be seamless if we make use of data. With that intention, we critically analyze the economic and financial data to make well informed financial decisions. We enthuse our client to act in accordance with the strategic decisions we are providing backed by data.

To ensure the holistic development of the entire industry, we have made many of our data available for public consumption. We have done this to increase the overall quality and knowledge base of the clients operating in the share market.

Research and Innovation

We are an avid admirer of research and innovation. We from Royal Capital firmly believe that to be the best brokerage firm in Bangladesh we need to ensure we are one step ahead. Research and innovation are the two building blocks to keep us ahead. With the vision of becoming the best retail brokerage house of Bangladesh, we have launched Research and Innovation Lab – RIL. Since 2014, RIL has been relentlessly working on researching and sharing information to increase the financial literacy of the people. The core focus of RIL is to conduct innovation driven research on financial markets, investments and economic issues.

Based on the insights and results, we create the blueprint of your strategy and consult our clients to take a safer pathway. Claiming to be the best brokerage house in Bangladesh will not be worth it if we cannot live up to our expectations. We believe focusing on research and innovation will eventually smooth our becoming the very best brokerage house in Bangladesh.


TARA Approach

The TARA (Timeliness – Accuracy – Reliability – Adequacy) approach is a symbol of our authenticity and credibility. We went deep with the available and necessary insights to create a value based approach that fuels are research and innovation. The TARA model is the foundation of the research we conduct and the data we deliver to our valued clients. Based on the data, our clients make decisions that bring them the desired result. We developed the TARA approach as a signature model. We envision this model as a contributing factor to becoming the best brokerage house in Bangladesh. In the following, we will quote the details of the TARA approach briefly.

TARA_Royal Ca

  • Timeliness: Deliver services timely so that you remain clearly ahead in decision-making.
  • Accuracy: We remain vigilant to ensure full-proof accuracy in generating, preserving, and analyzing data and preparing services and solutions for our clients
  • Reliability: We ensure data, information, and outputs are generated and compiled in a reliable manner and from reliable sources.
  • Adequacy: We never serve half of the glass; we put every effort to ensure that our research and services provide comprehensive information to our clients.

Based on the TARA approach, we want to propel forward and become the very best data driven brokerage house in Bangladesh.


Kaizen is one of our core focus. The word Kaizen stands for continuous improvement, and we believe to be the very best brokerage house in Bangladesh, there is no alternative to Kaizen. We refer to Kaizen as making continuous improvement in every sphere of our work so that an organization goes through holistic development. Along with that we continuously try to add more value to our clients so that they realize how revered they are. Plus our aim is to build an environment that hosts our fellow colleagues as family, not as an employee. With a laser focus on research, we want to become an authority figure in terms of data driven decision making.

This is how we are paving our way to becoming the best brokerage house in Bangladesh. We believe with a focus on Kaizen, we will be able to break our own limits and become a better version of ourselves.

Award Winning Track Record

We can confidently claim to be one of the best brokerage houses in Bangladesh because we have a proven track record. It is a matter of great joy that we have developed in terms of our capacity and also in terms of the number of clients we are serving. In addition, our development and growth have turned many heads because of the sheer excellence of the performance. We are glad to inform that Standard Chartered Bank has awarded royal Capital for the highest BEFTN usage for Electronic Fund Transfer. Apart from that, we have tried our level best to ensure innovation through introducing the Royal Touch app to reach to hundreds of thousands of our clients to ease the process of IPO application and trade related service for them. We will try to maintain quality in our upcoming endeavors to be deemed as one of the best brokerage houses in Bangladesh.

Performance Statistics

Our numbers speak for ourselves. We have been handling more than 120K+ IPO clients across all the branches of Royal Capital Limited. This number is the highest number of IPO application in Bangladesh. Apart from adding substantial value to our client, we created a platform for workshops, training and development to ensure financial literacy. The growing number of clients and repeat clients are indicators that we lived up to their expectations with our relentless efforts.

With these building blocks, we are aiming towards becoming a torchbearer in our field. Thus, we are hopeful that with the client’s first mindset and a firm grasp on quality, Royal Capital will soon be the best brokerage house in Bangladesh.

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    hi i would like to open an account can you send me your guideline and charges and condition if any phone numbe for contact.

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