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Features of Best Brokerage House in Bangladesh

Brokerage houses in Bangladesh have to operate in a very competitive market. With the growing acceptance and engagement with the stock market, the number of stock traders are increasing. To meet the growing demand, many organizations are coming with infrastructure to support the stock traders. But it is important for the traders to find out[…]

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Why Financial Literacy is Important in Bangladesh Stock Market

Financial literacy is an integral part of becoming a trader in the Bangladesh stock market. The dynamics of any stock market is vibrant, it is constantly changing and updating with time. Along with that, a trader in the Bangladesh stock market has to navigate through many information, it is important to strike a balance between[…]

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Dec 20 2020

What is the IPO Application Process in Bangladesh?

Initial Public Offering is the process of entering into the share market for different organizations. When investors want to invest their money in these new shares, they have to go through the IPO application process. By completing the process, they will be able to apply for the IPO. And if fortune is in their favour,[…]

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How to Become a Trader in Dhaka Stock Exchange?

Becoming a trader in Dhaka Stock Exchange will give you additional room for making the most of your money. There are many organizations that are operating in the share market with very high potential. Investing your money on these shares can give you a good return on your idle money. If you are wondering how[…]

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5 Benefits of Using Online Trade Platforms

Digitalization is leaving its footprint in every sphere of our lives. Over the entire time of the Covid pandemic, everyone went through a behavioural change when it comes to technology. Apart from the demerits of the pandemic, the behavioural transition of the traditional approach to the digitalized approach is one of the advantages harnessed from[…]

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