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Meghna Insurance Company Limited IPO Analytics

Meghna Insurance Limited is a first-generation non-life insurance company that was incorporated on March 18, 1996.The major insurance services offered by the company are Fire, Marine Cargo, Marine Hull, Motor and Miscellaneous insurance. The majority of the revenue comes from its marine cargo segment (52%).

Portfolio Diversification: Importance and Benefits

Diversification is the key to success in any financial venture. It involves spreading your investments over many different opportunities so that your risk is reduced. Diversification is one of the oldest and most effective ways to do so. Diversifying your portfolio means that you hold a mix of different kinds of assets. It can also help you sleep better at night, knowing that you aren’t betting everything on one company, which could go out of business and take your savings with it.

Growth Stock vs. Value Stock Which is better for you

Growth vs. value stocks has been a long-standing debate for investors and traders, with both sides arguing that their strategy is superior to the other. But how does one decide which investment approach is best in a given market? Value and growth stocks appear to be at odds with each other — one emphasizes price, while the other emphasizes potential.
One of the most common questions investors ask is: “Should I buy a value stock or a growth stock?” This is a very important matter to discuss and answer because all stocks are not created equal.