Atlas Environmental Law Advisory
Oct 03 2022

Our best cooperation creates sustainable solutions for sustainable environmental, social and economic benefits. We specialize in all permit and dispersion modelling analyses for major capital projects, as well as flare compliance, energy efficiency audits, environmental assessments, mergers and acquisitions. We are also experts in the development, testing and implementation of LDAR programs and enhancements. Project coordination with municipal, district, state and federal authorities is an integral part of our environmental services. Our experience working with these agencies allows us to quickly and efficiently obtain approvals and document approvals. Our team of professionals is expert at helping clients comply with environmental regulations related to the Clean Air Act, including air permits, dispersion modeling, regulatory compliance, leak detection and repair (LDAR), BWON and more. For more than two decades, our engineers have worked with our customers to provide reliable environmental and regulatory compliance solutions that other companies simply cannot achieve. Our deep understanding of the complexity of the industry and current regulations gives our clients the ability to manage their operations with confidence. Our certified health and safety experts also conduct workplace risk assessments, monitor employee exposure to chemical and physical exposure, and develop effective EHS strategies for our customers.

From development to operation provides resilience to climate threats to extend the life and security of infrastructure assets and all those who depend on them Professionals from all relevant disciplines work with the latest technologies: To discover and solve problems related to air, soil and water quality, Including underground conditions, wetland demarcation and resource management At Atlas, we use our extensive experience with a variety of building types and ages to meet the needs of our clients. We offer a range of analytical, advisory and litigation support services to help our clients better anticipate, detect, prevent, assess and control workplace accidents and occupational diseases. We work together to meet our customers` regulatory requirements when buying, maintaining, selling, renovating or demolishing a structure, and we work quietly whenever possible to minimize the impact on ongoing operations. River and Wetland BoundariesEnvironmental AuthorizationsWatercourse and Wetland MixingLake AuthorizationLicate Buffer DeviationsExecutions Violations Reports NEPA/SEPA Environmental LabellingWater Quality MonitoringWater Erosion and Control Assessment We also offer a full range of services to wetlands, including demarcation, authorization and mitigation. We help our clients design sampling plans and remediation programs, select cleaning technologies, create comprehensive reports and manage the approval process, and we also offer expert testimonials. From analytical services to consulting and process support, we help you maintain the health and quality of your buildings From automated resource monitoring to on-site sampling and mitigation services, we are here for you We are deeply experienced in soil, soil vapour and groundwater remediation strategies through traditional and innovative means, including chemicals, biological and physical mass removal technologies.