Ashurst Legal Brisbane
Oct 02 2022

Clients benefit from a combination of technical excellence and business skills to provide the full range of legal expertise of the companies in our network Ashurst is a multinational law firm based in London. It has 27 offices in 15 countries excluding the United Kingdom, Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East and North America and employs approximately 1,600 legal advisers. [2] Ashurst ranks 63rd in the list of the 100 largest law firms in the world in terms of turnover and 7th in the list of the largest UK law firms by turnover. [Citation needed] “Ashurst`s Aboriginal title practice has been a constant source of advice and assistance in navigating the complex aspects of this area of law. Most impressive has been their ability to interpret the legal aspects of our business and apply these guidelines in the context of our operational objectives and plans. Our Brisbane – Ann St office opened in June 2019 as a centre for innovation and collaboration for our legal and commercial services. Ashurst Advance: Ashurst delivers client-centric innovation through Ashurst Advance, its “NewLaw” platform that includes state-of-the-art technology, process experts and cost-effective, high-quality resources in a single, dynamically managed package that is fully integrated with its legal experts. “Krista Payne conveys a determined calm in the midst of high-stakes transactions, which means that we, as clients, feel that she is up to date, no matter how complex it may be. Their keen intelligence reassures us that we have one of the best legal minds in our area. Nevertheless, her humble nature means that it is a pleasure to work with her. “Very knowledgeable and responsive. Focuses on business intentions instead of getting stuck in legal development.

“The key people we work with are Vivian Chang, Barbara Phair and Costa Koutsis (all partners) and Steve Whittington (senior partner). These people are very good tax technicians and often have legal knowledge beyond taxation. I would use this team if I needed a heavy tax investigation and problem analysis, because that is their strength. The team has been able to carry out and implement a number of restructurings with their colleagues in the company, and it has been helpful for our company to have a law firm that carries out these large transactions instead of having to coordinate multiple consultants. “Whatever your goals, we have the ability to address the legal challenges that arise along the way. Our global network of offices with a combination of local know-how and global experience helps us deliver innovative and robust solutions. “Angus Foley is the main infrastructure partner. He is well versed in the industry and is adept at overlaying this knowledge so that legal advice is strategic and delivered in a business context. Although he is clearly very busy, he always makes himself available when he is needed.

“The team takes a business approach to legal negotiations and formal documentation. It is clear that the team has a thorough understanding and broad coverage of industry standards as well as business conditions, which leads to acceptable business outcomes and streamlined negotiations. “Ashurst offers exceptional service. Your Melbourne, Australia-based real estate partner, Arthur Chong, is an excellent lawyer who strives to understand the client and is service-oriented. Arthur offers good value for money, ensures a fast turnaround time and offers pragmatic business legal advice at reasonable prices. “Andrew Gay stands out among the legal advisors we work with on a number of issues. He is friendly, knowledgeable, easy to handle and consistently exceeds expectations. “Geoff McGrath is exceptionally strong in telecommunications regulation and commercial contracts.

He is very detailed and meticulous in his advice and does his best to allow a fast turnaround time. He combines legal knowledge with business acumen and a hands-on approach. “Ashurst`s tax team covers income and GST taxes as well as state taxes such as stamp duty and property tax, and Ashurst Tax has advised our group in these areas. Although the tax team is a small team within a large law firm, the team is of good size, which is important to ensure a high-quality work product that is manufactured within a reasonable time. The Ashurst Tax team works very well with our disciplines within the broader ashurst practice, and this has been important to us as we have engaged Ashurst in many large-scale firm-wide projects over the past few years. Whatever your goals, Ashurst has the skills to overcome any legal challenges you face. Combined with our deep industry knowledge, our dedicated practice teams are committed to providing excellent solutions to help you achieve your goals and strategies. “They are one of the leading intellectual property firms in Australia that is able to conduct large-scale patent, trademark and copyright litigation, which they do on a regular basis.

You are also part of a large international law firm that brings various benefits. They have very good teams of employees and lawyers working with them. In my experience, together they offer their clients excellent service, both in terms of legal skills and approach to litigation strategy. I regularly recommend them to clients seeking representation in the field of intellectual property in Australia. “We entrust Ashurst with our most complex legal requirements and they always yield excellent results. “The Ashurst Native Title team has in-depth knowledge of all relevant legislation, legal issues and key industry and local securities stakeholders, supported by a proven passion for this area of law. All advice is tailored to the needs of clients and is provided in a convenient way, allowing the most important and outstanding topics to be included quickly. We provide legal support throughout Australia, drawing on over 180 years of market experience. Georgia Fast; Peter Voss; Bill Smith; Rob Palmer; Michael Weatherley “The Ashurst team provides high-quality advice on the wide range of agreements in the energy sector. My experience is in the oil and gas industry with Ashurst and I have found their work exceptional, whether it is joint venture agreements, marketing agreements – GSA and SPA LNG, transport agreements (including LNG shipping time charters), terminal use agreements to name a few.

I have experience working with other companies and also with other companies and the people I have worked with at Ashurst are the best practitioners I have met. Our trade-focused real estate practice facilitates the execution of some of the most complex and often groundbreaking real estate transactions “Technically excellent, highly responsive, commercial and very easy to handle. Ashurst`s real estate team is a key partner in my company`s business strategy, particularly in terms of commercial leasing. I can`t recommend them highly enough. Chris Redden; David Mason; Simon Irvine; Gaelan Cooney; Chris Skordas In line with our global mobility policy, we have created a platform to support remote work from the following countries where we have employees working permanently for Ashurst Australia, Ashurst LLP or another member of the Ashurst Group: “Ian Bolster is an energetic, intelligent and empathetic partner.