Ark Survival Evolved Broodmother Requirements
Oct 02 2022

Many people say that you need to classify dinos up to 15000-20000 hp. I understand that it`s an idea to be on the safe side, but it`s quite difficult on the official PVP to play alone, doing this for 19 megatherias – (admittedly, -boss is a boss), but I always wonder what the “approximate minimums” are against gamma. I`d be interested to know if anyone has any experience with the kind of “damage numbers” that their main tank dinos suffered in the fight against the BROOD mother GAMMA….. For example – say it`s a Megatherium army… Most of the videos I`ve seen for the one who manages to defeat him is that their megatherapies only lost about 2000 horses after the fight. So why need 15-20000 hp against gamma?…… (Videos don`t always tell if they`re on heavy or standalone official servers. So, everything is very difficult to understand, I wonder if I could get expert advice on the minimum requirements for the defeat of GAMMA Broodmother? Never before has made a boss and a solo player. We did Gamma Brutmutter (several times) with 2 high megatherapies and a Daeodon – the mega had like 49 armored saddles, 10k hp and 400ish DMG – the pig had prim the first few times until we found a better one, 80k or more of food (just what we level). The two megas are mounted (obviously), embossed and matted boosted.

The pig listens to the medium sequence, full of flesh and passive healing. Guys, these videos about solo fight against the brooding mother are not how to do that. I`m interested in hearing more stories and how much damage Gamma Broodmother does to the main tank dinosaurs as a whole. Will the GAMMA kill the brooding mother? (Megatheria has the bug buff etc???) No, but apparently, the loss of all those who were tough was due to a mistake. The brooding mother didn`t have any established stats, it was apparently random, so we had a godmode boss lol and had a spare HP 2k leopard – so we had a friend to relax in the back and shoot needles in the heads of the gamma brood mothers. (it looked cool) In general, use the following tips to defeat Broodmother: Have 7 megatherapies – 2 are high, so 7000 + HP and 500% + hand-to-hand combat, 2 others are wild level 232 with 6000HP with 500% hand-to-hand combat, one is level 150 with 4000HP with 400% hand-to-hand combat and the other 2 are weak. It is better to use only the megatherias with one of their own, the other dinosaurs are low usseles because they do not have enough health to survive and it is really nice to have good stools so that they can survive more easily I should say get a little more megathery and you will be good as 10 is good, if you have a good saddle, otherwise go at 19 to be sure Also, you don`t need to go to an obelisk to get to a boss fight. You can simply find a loot box nearby and do it there. Just make sure that you are all crammed around him and that he has enough time (so like 70/100 and not 10/100). @Darkholis That`s good, buddy.

Good bye. Actually, I`m solo, but I`ve been doing extensive research since 2015 (Ark Early Access) and brought my SP settings to exactly the same as the officials. I`ve even watched other official PvP/PvE videos to see how tame dinosaurs give dmg nos to bosses, how long it takes a boss to fall and conclude that mine currently matches the official boss. In the Araneo case, it is assumed that the brooding mother is the queen and mother of the island`s spiders. oh yes, I have a velonosaur – would its turret gun be good from a distance? It doesn`t really take much strategy to fight a brooding mother, most of the time it will be enough to whistle all the dinosaurs to attack her. Make sure before doing this, everyone is saddled and aboard their dinosaurs. Success in this boss fight largely depends on the taming and bowel movements you bring. Although they are probably not used, firearms should be introduced as a last resort just to be safe.

I didn`t follow this thread, could you specify what to update?. I slowly fought slowly to increase the number of megatheriums myself. It takes forever, doesn`t it? Especially breeding. @Zahlea If I may quote the details of your “Boss Recommendations” thread. Everyone with the right video. Gamma-Brut can be performed with only 4-5 tame megatherias (40-50 armored saddles) with a yuty behind it. I`ve tried to gather the recommendations here in a topic if that`s helpful to you: So megatheria don`t need a mele boost because they get a bug boost. But the settings of my server are exactly the same as the official ones, including the solo settings are OFF, the maximum difficulty level is ON. Why do you think I`m solo Bro? Honestly, I always found the best way, bosses, etc. download for the first time, download Ark Server Manager, run the server, and then use a program called Ark Commander from SparcMX to generate things and practice/test different methods to see which ones work best and get to the heart of your tactics without losing anything you`ve worked hard for, if you fail. You can also do it in single player mode, but if I remember correctly, it`s a different difficulty, so you won`t give an exact answer to the result, compared to a dedicated server via ASM Broodmother Lysrix is one of the bosses in ARK: Survival Evolved.

This can only be achieved by generating a portal to it in a supply box or obelisk on the island and in the center. It can also be found in the wild in Valguero`s lair. Broodmother is one of the strongest global bosses in ARK: Fjordur. This giant spider is located in a hard-to-find secret cave, but our guide will give you tips on how to find and defeat Broodmother in ARK: Fjordur. Yuty: Hatched at L150. 85ish% footprint. Leveled at 10,000 hp, calm hand-to-hand combat. 75 chariot saddles. Hing far behind the Theri army and made me guard by 1 Theri rider. Even a few spiders biting the yuty quickly hit him. On Alpha, we lost the Yuty because my bodyguard was distracted.

Later, we used 100% printed 200+ hatched yutys. You could take a lot more shots. This time, mine will have more HP. The brooding mother Lysrix is one of the bosses. Do you have a good strategy on how to fight Broodmother Lysrix? Share a tip!. Hi @Darkholis, you`re right about the saddle armor part, I think. 1 Yuty – wild base of 100lvl – has reached 14k hp level 150. The Lysrix brooder is a giant arachnid with a green body, two viciously large fangs that seem to drip with poison, with a mouth filled with sharp teeth behind the fangs and large spines that can be seen on the abdomen.

I don`t know how useful it will be, but in official PvP we used 19 Theris and 1 Yuty for all the bosses. As you complete the most difficult difficulty levels, all tekgrams with lower difficulty will also be unlocked. Alternatively, it can be found in redwoods on Valguero. @Freespirit Nice video, but you are on SP, so unfortunately not a valid example. In addition, after a reboot, the saddles are limited to 124 on the actual official servers. It was a solid win – but it took about 5 minutes. Once you enter this short cave, simply follow the path until you arrive at the terminal. You can open its inventory and create the Incubator Invocation, which requires the following items: If you play on the island in single-player mode, the portal can only be generated from the Green Obelisk. I didn`t want to offend you in any way.

Sorry if I did. Check out my cluster settings here if you have any doubts: Plus, there`s a new “whistling error” on the Ark that`s painful, press and hold “b” on the Xbox to whistle, and that makes everyone follow you first – and that caused some problems in our brood fight – thankfully, we managed to get around it. (see date of publication). Saber wolves and frog will be useless, so you don`t have to bring them. Try to lift at least 15 sloths to be safe, and they should be able to do this with top-notch stools. Just make sure that the Yuty is not attacked. Alpha breeding mother: 19 Theri; Saddle 100+, PS 21k (no more and no less), 600% 800% at least 1 Yuty; Every saddle, every statistic [Ridden] (A Theri can be replaced by a high-powered Daeodon) 20-30 cakes by Theriz.