Are Maglocks Legal in California
Oct 01 2022

Please contact your local LEO to share your concerns about the permit and gather any information that could be helpful in our fight for clarity. In addition, we ask that you contact your local NYSP station commander and/or sheriff and inquire about the letter we sent. This will communicate the great interest in their respective jurisdictions. They can also give you an oral decision on their position on legality and policy if they are found on your firearm. SB 880 amends the definition of an assault weapon to refer to a rifle that has one of the many specified military characteristics and “does not have a fixed magazine” rather than a weapon with any of these characteristics and the “ability to accept a removable magazine”. Continued legal possession requires you to register and pay a fee (TAXES) for ALL of your half-cars that have been newly classified as “offensive weapons.” We will not answer legal questions under any circumstances as we have no legal training or experience. If you have any questions about the configuration, circumstances and/or possible criminal exposure, please contact an experienced local firearms lawyer. Most will advise you on these points free of charge during their first consultation. What? The Maglocks that everyone used now allow you to remove the magazine when the screw is retained. You must have a strange system that I`ve never heard of. Evolusion Concepts, Inc., distributors or sellers of AR MAGLOCK, cannot be held responsible for any bodily injury, death or property damage caused by inaccurate assembly, misuse, illegal use or modification of this product. Handle your firearm responsibly and safely at all times.

No. Since 2000, with the exception of a short period in 2019, it is generally illegal to import from another state or country, purchase high-capacity magazines in California, or transfer them, with the exception of law enforcement officers. Journals legally acquired during these periods may be legally owned at that time, but this may change until the current challenge is made in court. The MagLock AR is a magazine trigger that only works when the lower and upper receivers of an AR are separated. Basically, it turns your AR rifle into a rifle with a fixed magazine, which then allows you to legally have “military characteristics” on that rifle. Some consider the AR MagLock to be a superior option to the original ball (a new compatible model has since been released). Indeed, with the AR MagLock, you no longer need to carry or manipulate an additional tool or bullet tip to release a magazine. The user only has to remove the back slimming pen to separate the bottom and top receiver before they can release the magazine. CA has established by law that any ammunition supply device that contains more than 10 rounds of ammunition is a “high capacity” magazine. For people outside of California, this would be a standard capacity and CA Legal Magazine would be considered a “reduced capacity.” For the sake of clarity, we will use California nomenclature. Disclaimer: This article is intended to be a product review only.

Depending on your location, these products may or may not be legal. It is your responsibility to ensure that you properly comply with federal, state and local firearms laws applicable to you. Nothing written here should be understood as legal advice. Gun laws vary depending on where you are. You are always subject to change, be responsible. In our concerted and diligent efforts to obtain APPROVAL from the MAGLOCK AR and protect our customers, we have spent over $2500 (legal, printing and postage) to ship a variety of authorities from New York 7. I legally purchased a bullet gun before December 31, 2017. I understand that it must be registered as a CA assault weapon, can I do it now? Wasn`t it registered when I bought it? In all other cases, I may have had a combination of other parts or I never had a magazine in the receiver or the full mounted/functional rifle. It`s literally a new build of a lower build that I bought over 8 years ago, and I wanted to check exactly what the law calls legal. No workaround, no fancy pieces, just a fixed magazine.

3. I have high-capacity magazines that I bought legally in California. Can I install them in my CA-compliant “no function” rifle? If you`re reading this, you probably already know that California has some of the strictest gun laws in the United States. While this article is primarily aimed at California gun owners who own an M4/AR platform rifle, some states and places have similar gun restrictions, so you may find this article beneficial. In these states and locations, the AR rifle is illegal if it has “one of the many specified military characteristics” and does not have a “fixed magazine.” However, there are simple modifications that can be made to your AR rifle that allow you to own one while being a law-abiding citizen. The two products that this article will look at are the AR MagLock and the Patriot Pin, you can see both in the video below. However, after a few high-profile recent shootings, such as the 2015 San Bernardino shooting, California introduced Senate Bill No. 880 (SB 880), which banned the bullet button. SB 880 amended the already existing definition of an “offensive weapon” and defined a “fixed magazine” as “an ammunition supply device contained in or permanently attached to a firearm so that the instrument cannot be removed without disassembling the firearm”. For AR owners, this means that for your AR rifle to be considered a legal firearm, the magazine only needs to be removable if the lower receiver is separated from your top receiver (disassembling the action of the firearm).

Yes, I have exactly the same kit. It doesn`t work on my seekins below. The bottom one with the FNGR that exactly meets the requirement of the “fixed store” is not a workaround to take away. Magazine 100% fixed. That is all I am saying. I love the ARMaglock. But the legal definition, the whole “remove a part to release the stem”, is damn crazy. I passed with my SO and she said, “Damn, is that the law? It`s crazy,” so I wrote that. The good – If the laws apply to you, you can legally keep the AR features with the AR MagLock – The Patriot pin allows faster magazine changes for AR rifles with a fixed magazine – Delrin pins are self-lubricating and produce less wear – Both are easy to install Our legal advisors and firearms law specialists have made an official shipment to the majority of the police of New York State, The New York Sheriff, New York City Police Chiefs, NYAG and other affiliated law enforcement agencies. In total, more than 350 letters were sent to various entities. × Inserted as rich text.

Instead, insert it in plain text It would be my fault. I made a copy and paste from the PDF ca DOJ and didn`t notice that I had picked up any formatting artifacts when copying page 3, subsection(s). Follow my link and read the bottom of page 3. The answer is to ban “evil” weapons, because we have made sure that everyone stops using drugs. AR MAGLOCK is the answer, because with the installation installed, you no longer possess what is classified as an offensive weapon, so no registration obligation! A Maglock device is something that does exactly what it sounds and locks the magazine into your rifle. California law requires you to “disassemble” your rifle to remove the magazine if it has scary features. And as bad as it sounds, fortunately, some excellent workarounds have been found to make this process as painless as possible. There are many different brands that offer different Maglock styles and choices, but I`m here to save the time and effort you`d need to sort them out and give you my opinion on the top three Maglock options. Because so much in the arms industry is based on personal preferences; I will not place my main decisions in any particular order so that you can formulate your own opinion. × your link has been automatically integrated. Display as a link instead. This documentation is provided for informational purposes only.

While the Smooth mechanics of the Patriot Pin are indeed its most notable aspect, its next best feature is the Delrin Takedown Pin. Delrin is a thermoplastic engineered polymer characterized by its high strength, resilience and natural lubricating power. (If you`re interested in science, you can learn more about Delrin by reading the design guide.) The decision to implement a Delrin disassembly spindle was made in order to minimize metal-to-metal wear resulting from frequent disassembly (and reassembly) of the lower and upper receivers. Patriot pin also intends to release a pivot pin before Delrin in the near future. This article reminds me of the arguments in Rupp v.