Are Electric Scooters Legal in Quebec
Oct 01 2022

Anyone 14 years of age or older can ride an electric bike, but for people under the age of 18, a Class 6D driver`s license is required. Like conventional cyclists, electric cyclists are also subject to the Highway Traffic Act. In addition, they must wear a helmet that complies with regulations and is prohibited on highways. These two-wheeled vehicles (also called “electrically assisted” bicycles) do not need to be registered. However, some countries limit electric scooters to driving on the roads. One of them is Quebec, where there are laws that state that electric scooters are only allowed on private property. The city of Montreal has created more than 200 parking spaces specifically designed for e-scooters shared by companies like Lime and Bird, but a Feb. 19 municipal report found that people were dropping them off anywhere and anywhere, obstructing general traffic. Users of low-speed electric scooters involved in an accident should call a peacekeeper if anyone has been injured or if property damage has occurred. Electric hybrid bikes are designed for use in the city. They are heavier and have wider tires and straight handlebars. Anyone who drives an electric scooter at low speeds on public roads must comply with the following rules and requirements: Nationwide, you do not need a license, license plates or insurance to own and use electric scooters or electric bikes, however, any province and city can establish rules that must be followed when driving there.

The Canadian government promotes the use of electric scooters and e-bikes at all levels. Since electric scooters are quite small compared to other vehicles, authorities are concerned that the safety of users will be threatened. Although all this controversy has led to the ban on electric scooters common in Montreal, private electric scooters remain completely legal. Earlier, EuroNews reported that Finland had conducted a study showing how dangerous electric scooters are. In this study, more than 330 injuries related to electric scooters were recorded. Jean-Fran├žois Papineau, owner of Mecamoto/Vespa Montreal, says more and more people are coming to his store to buy electric vehicles, with the company nearly doubling in the past three years. He said many customers ask him if they can drive their new toys on a bike path. Users of low-speed electric scooters must receive appropriate training on how to drive such vehicles. This training consists of two components. The theoretical component is provided by the manufacturer or distributor. The practical component is supplied by the manufacturer, distributor or a third party specially trained by one of them for this purpose.

Users who receive the training receive a certificate attesting to their participation in the training. They must also agree to help gather information for the pilot. According to the latest report from Global News CA, Quebec strongly discourages residents from using electric scooters on public roads. After that, authorities can even enact new laws that allow electric scooters to work safely alongside other vehicles. The second pilot project allows municipalities to test the use of low-speed electric scooters through self-service rentals. Montreal and Westmount tried this in 2019, but later abandoned the idea. However, this pilot project is ongoing until July 2024, so any community in Quebec could try it (or a second attempt, in the case of Montreal or Westmount) if they wish. I saw them last week at Costco selling electric scooters, I think they are legal. Shadab Vhora, a delivery man, uses his electric scooter for work and admits he sometimes jumps on a bike path even though he doesn`t think it`s fair.

Toronto is trying to encourage more travel with e-bikes and e-scooters. They are building new bike paths and have an ongoing campaign to teach cyclists and cyclists how to share the road. To continue cycling and scootering on the bike path, there is a $60 fine for anyone over the age of 14 who rides on the sidewalks. Unfortunately, this excludes most of the fastest high-end scooters, but many quality models such as Segway Ninebot ES4 and the Xiaomi Mi M365 meet this requirement.