Alberta High School Rodeo Rules
Sep 29 2022

Facebook: Arizona High School Rodeo Association Instagram: azhighschoolrodeo Snapchat: azrodeoteam Here`s a look at how the rodeo weekend will unfold. 5. Parents: You won`t be around your shooters. So bring scopes, chairs, blinds, etc. if you wish. We have several instructors and security guards to help your shooter. We will have a safety briefing for parents and HS High Rifle Shooter at 10:30 am: a penalty for violating these guidelines is disqualification from this event. NHSRA is not responsible for concealing or recording unauthorized advertising. Fire restrictions: Campfires and charcoal are not allowed, you can bring a gas grill if you wish. Join a community that prides itself on its Western heritage. HIGH SCHOOL Shooting Check-in with Safety BriefingHigh School Rifle shoots 1st, then Jr High Rifle (Jr High – be until 12:30pm for your remote check-in and safety briefing)HS Trap will shoot for HS Rifle Thank you and we look forward to hosting Arizona High School & Jr High School Rodeo! 3. You will receive your file number at the meeting before we start shooting! Stables are available for your horses. You must reserve the stands before September 9, 2022.

Stalls cost $20.00/night ($25 after September 9, 2022 – if available). Payment is required at the time of booking and cc information can be found on the booking form. There are a limited number of stables available, no refunds! I make reservations in the order of the forms sent by email. Please look for a confirmation email. If you do not receive any, I have not received your forms. These are short, quick and informative messages that are heavily used on rodeo weekends and in between for quick information. You don`t need the app to get the information. It will be sent to you as a text message once you log in. We are limited to 150 people per class, so we monitor this closely and move people as needed to keep us below 150 per class. Rest assured that everyone will receive the same messages. * If you have reservations for booths and will not be here to check in before the office closes, please call us to let us know how to unlock the stands. There is a fee of $30.00 per lock when the locks are cut.

For all NHSRA State/Provincial/National Finals and all televised or live streamed events: National Sponsorship Advertising: All NHSRA National Sponsors may have any type of clothing, vest, hat, saddle or advertising helmet of any size, including stickers, sewing or embroidered badges. Foreign sponsorship advertising in the arena and in the award areas: ▪ – Non-sponsored advertising must not be larger than a 2.5″ X3.5″ zone. ▪ These include clothing, hats, protective vests, helmets and tights. There will be no stickers or sewing patches for advertising from foreign sponsors.– Clothing, protective vests, hats: Advertising must be embroidered in the fabric.– Advertising on the tack must be carved or permanently pressed into the item and meet the same size requirements. A saddle may have a larger sponsorship area, but must be pushed into the area or sculpted. A saddle cushion can have the standard mark on carrying leather.– Safety helmets: no non-sponsored advertising on helmets.– No more than one embroidered area not sponsored by clothing and sponsor. Navajo County Fair, Inc. 404 East Hopi Drive Holbrook, Az 86025*928-524-4757* Michele Stock – Navajo County Fair, Inc. The registration of the director of the event opens at 7:00 am in the high school trailer. MUST register before you can participate. Dry camping is not allowed in the fenced area of the barn and Rodeo Arena!!! Make sure you have eye and hearing protection, shooting mats and any other equipment you need. 4.

Dress Code: Please dress in accordance with the rules and weather, including pants/pants, shirt (no tank top or V-neck shirts), closed shoes. Caps are acceptable. You are responsible for keeping your area clean during the event and storing it after use. To make a reservation, you must fill out the attached form with credit/debit information and email your form to Upon check-in, you will receive your booth assignment with a map of the booth location.